My Birthday Wishlist

My 21st birthday is coming up so I figured I would make a wish list of the things I’ve been crushing on for a while! Here goes:

1.Jones and Jones Rosebud Dress.
I can’t help thinking how perfect this dress would be for my tea party birthday soiree! I love the simple cut of the dress and the textured rose buds. It looks so flattering and I do just love Jones and Jones dresses.

2.Daenerys Targaryen POP! Vinyl Figure.
Daenerys is my absolute number one girl crush (my rabbit is named after her) and I’m so excited for the new season of game of thrones so this HAD to go on my list. It’s adorable and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it but I do know that I need it…

3.Aspinal Travel Set.
I’m more than in love with this travel set. I have two holidays planned this year and think this would be perfect as I’m a bit dippy and lose things ALL THE TIME! I saw my lovely friend Em from EMTALKS with one and it looks amazing. The personalised embossing touch is just too much fabulousness!

4.Fujifilm Mini 8 Camera.
I love my Polaroid 600 land camera but since they don’t make the film any more, it’s getting harder to find and more expensive as time goes on. The Mini 8 is a perfect modern day polaroid and the cute sheets you can get to print on make them even more adorable!

5.Juju Jellie Shoes.
I have an addiction to pastels and these jellie shoes are just the next powder blue item on my list. Don’t get me started on anything mint green, I want it all! I want to pair these with frilly socks and be happy.

6.Alex Monroe Tsavorite Ring.
My lovely friend Aarti introduced me to this brand recently and I adore just about everything one the website! I did manage to narrow the lust worthy list down to this beautiful 18ct ring. The products are so inspired by nature, you can’t help but fall in love.

7.The Great Gatsby Clutch.
Since book clutch bags came on the scene, I’ve wanted a Gatsby version. I’ve been lusting over a few on Etsy but this one has to be my favourite. Gatsby is one of my absolutely favourite books and of course I have an addiction to handbags so what’s not to love?

8.Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.
I’m not entirely sure how I’ve gone this long without trying this blogger favourite! I always have stocks of benefit ‘Girl meets Pearl’ primer and ‘POREfessional’ but the Smashbox primer is on my to-do list.

9.Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Bag in Clock Tower.
I love the classic shape and shade of this bag. I also really like embossed logos, they just have a classy feel. Add in the two way straps for multi functionality and there need be no more reason to buy a bag!

10.Michael Kors Selma Bag in Navy. 
I’ve had my eye on this Michael Kors bag for quite some time. Again, a classic colour. I had a few reservations as I’ve seen so many MK bags but it is such a cult bag and I haven’t seen anything I like more.

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