The Nicole x Missguided Jumpsuit Dupe

When I first saw the Nicole x Missguided collection, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. The clothes weren’t my usual style though I did fancy a few of the jumpsuits. Fast forward to EVERYONE wearing them, the items selling out and the realisation that the items are insanely flattering. I’ve seen so many bloggers rocking pieces, from The Londoner to Leanne Lim Walker.
y favourite piece by far has to be the Sold Out Monochrome Jumpsuit!

I’ve wanted to get my hands on it for a while. The high waist and flattering cut make for long legs and an hourglass figure. The Jumpsuit retails at £45 so I had a grin going on when I found a dupe with 1/3 off the price tag!
Introducing: The New Look Monochrome Jumpsuit £30
jumpnew jumpnewmod
Black and White? Check
High Waisted? Check
Belted? Check
This Jumpsuit is the perfect remedy to it’s sold out counterpart. It rocks the same halterneck design, the same plunging neckline, the only difference is the material. Instead of elastine, the New Look version is made of polyester which is a little more friendly for curves. As much as I love the way the jumpsuit looks on most, I don’t have quite as much time as Nicole to hit the gym so I feel like the New Look version is a little safer for any lumps and bumps! Afterall we can’t all be skinny minnies but we can all be stylish!

What do you think? Did New Look do a good job? Or will you wait for the Missguided version to be restocked? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Lucinda x

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