WARNING: Hepworths is Highly Addictive.

I’m always on the look out for adorable places to while away time and enjoy delicious food. For a long time I couldn’t tear myself away from Salvos Salumeria. Until Hepworths came along. There it was, sitting in Thorntons arcade in Leeds for two whole years, and there was I, not knowing it existed.
But don’t worry, I’ve made up for it since!


The deli is very cosy and quaint, with only a few tables and a little bar seating. The walls and window are filled with fantastic produce which you can buy. I had my eyes on some delicious looking fudge and gourmet marshmallows and picked up some tea bags and biscuits for a Mothers Day treat.
IMG_1424 IMG_1430
They have a fantastic array of cold drinks, including all different flavours of Sanpellegrino, which I love, and old style lemonade. I noted they also have soy milk which is a bonus, a lot of the smaller places still don’t stock it!
IMG_1420 photo 5 (6)
The menu is selective, but you have to trust the head chef Joe! The food is sensational.
IMG_1438 IMG_1422
I’m quickly working my way through the menu but my absolute favourite indulgence is the Hepworths Deli platter.
photo 4 (8)photo 3 (10)
‘ve tried it multiple times, just to be sure. I had never had scotch eggs before Hepworths… and now I’m hooked! They’re delicious. It’s always a surprise what you will end up with but the board revolves around meat, cheese, bread, olives, salad and relish. And you can guarantee the combination will always be super tasty.
IMG_1419 IMG_1458 IMG_1475 IMG_1459 IMG_1472 IMG_1473
I always enjoy a pot of green tea with a slice of lemon to squeeze and Jamie’s usual is a cappuccino …
IMG_1444 IMG_1440 IMG_1480

There’s always something new to try, flavour combinations in a muffin or other bake. Recently there’s been a delicious baked brie and caramelized onion quiche that’s delectable! Pair it with a side of perfect (and I mean PERFECT) crispy fries. And as for the slaw? You just have to try it for yourself to understand. Presentation is another thing I love about Hepworths! From slates and wooden board to tiny jars and mini buckets of fries, everything looks adorable.
IMG_1466 IMG_1465 IMG_1470
Another personal favourite is the eggs benedict, or eggs anything for that matter as there are several mouth watering combinations. The eggs are always cooked to perfection, dippy and delish, and the hollandaise is the best I’ve tasted.
IMG_1289 IMG_1291Another brunch fave is their pancakes, emphasis on the cakes! I enjoy mine with crispy bacon and syrup, another guilty pleasure. Safe to say Hepworths isn’t great for the waistline but it’s so worth the extra gym session or ten…

photo 4 (8)
So go on, treat yourself! Just save room because the dessert cabinet is out of this world. From tarts to scones to loafs to macaroons, Hepworths have your sweet tooth covered.
IMG_1416 IMG_1415 IMG_1414 IMG_1418 IMG_1417

Hepworths is perfect for brunch with the girls(till 12pm midweek but all day saturday and sunday so it won’t affect your lie in!), a date with your other half or to treat the family.
The bottom line is: if you love someone, take them to Hepworths!

WARNING: It only takes one visit to get hooked… so make sure you pick up a loyalty card!

As you can probably tell I’m absolutely in love with this place, and what’s not to love. A special note to the amazing staff who are more like a little family. The lovely Chelsea (from a very talented band Modo Stare), a delightful lady who I haven’t caught the name of and beardy guy all make you feel very welcome. You’ll also see Mr Hepworth himself (Joe, the head chef) pop his head down the stairs from time to time.
So skip the Starbucks and support a local business. Go fall in love with Hepworths.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I love finding little deli’s and local places like these! So much better than chain cafe’s. That chocolate tart looks amazing I definately would go for that! xx
    ps. thanks for commenting on mine x

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