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So it’s been a bit quiet on TFF for the last two weeks. I’ll be honest, I feel like I’ve been drowning in university deadlines. I’ve also had my birthday and attended some fabulous events so it’s about time I got you all up to speed! First off was the fabulous Paul Mitchell Styling Event at Urban Spirit Salon in Leigh. The evening began with some delicious canapes and champagne. The pate and cranberry bruchettas were great and I fell in love with the mini sheppards pies!


I hit the styling bar which was handy as I went for drinks after with a friend and got to showcase my wavey locks!
Here’s my before and after:
I was amazed at how quick my hair was styled! I have so much hair and it’s really thick; it normally takes quite some time. The styling wand used was part of the Neuro intelligent Styling Tools range. There are six pieces to the range starting at £60. I’m normally a fan of styling wands anyway as you can vary how tight or loose you’d like your curls. The wand is lightweight and heats up really quickly.
Stay Strong was the product used to fix my waves, from the Express Dry products collection. A few bloggers I spoke to found it didn’t hold the curls well in their hair. With my hair being quite thick, I find it has quite strong holding power anyway but my waves lasted all night and the next day too. If your hair doesn’t hold all that well I would recommend the Freeze and Shine spray instead.
I couldn’t resist a cheeky selfie with my wavey locks and my favourite summer bag from Dune which you can find here.
The lovely Sarah from Paul Mitchell then talked me and Laura (from Love and Liquor) through some of their lust worthy products.
IMG_2003 IMG_2005 IMG_2010 IMG_2008
We spent a lot of time smelling all the delicious products. I fell in love with the Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner, so dreamy! I also love that none of Paul Mitchell’s products are tested on animals and are sulphate free! We were introduced to the Awapuhi range (awapuhi is kinda like ginger) where the star ingredient is farmed over in Hawaii! I can’t wait to get my hands on this range as it looks and smells so luxurious, especially the Sea Spray which I desperately need for perfect beachy waves!
IMG_2007 IMG_2006
We were sent home with amazing goodie bags too. The 413 brush is now my blow dry staple and the hair spray (as above) is ideal for my hair. There was also a booklet that explains the ins and outs of the neuro range (all very technical)!
My favourite addition had to be the Express Dry Dry Wash Shampoo. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Batiste which is arguably the most popular dry shampoo. The smell is such a tell tale sign that you haven’t had chance to wash your hair today, and the powdery residue is almost as tragic as greasy hair. Welcome to the stage Paul Mitchell’s take, it smells just like the other amazing products in this range and has a similar consistency to the hair spray so no stray powder! Some style cards also came in the bag, inspiring me to get my wave on!

I had a fab time at the event so a huge thankyou to Sarah from Paul Mitchell and the fabulous team at Urban Spirit!

Love Lucinda x

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