Brunch at SoLiTa with Secret D’or

So back during MCRFW I was invited to go for brunch by a lovely company called Secret D’or. When I heard the brunch was at SoLiTa (South of Little Italy) I jumped at the chance. I’ve heard so many good things I couldn’t wait to try it for myself. When I arrived I was escorted to the top floor to join the other bloggers. The venue is pretty cosy but boy are there a lot of stairs! The gym bunny in me enjoyed the quick warm up but my brand new JuJu Jellies were rubbing by the time I arrived (thank god for frilly socks!)

IMG_2683 IMG_2684IMG_2689
I found a seat and got stuck in with the table full of cocktails – the mimosa was my favourite! Checking the menu was an instant dilemma, everything sounded amazing. I’d heard a lot of recommendations for the pulled pork sundae so that was my final choice, but the popcorn shrimp and deep fried mac and cheese looked delicious too! As you can imagine with the dish, the mash was creamy, the pork was tender and tasty and the crackling on top was the perfect addition. I absolutely couldn’t finish it though. I was saving room for the next course…
IMG_2686 IMG_2687
Which was Hanger Steak. The fries were crispy and perfectly salted and the steak was cooked to perfect, which is a big thing considering how fussy I am when it comes to meat (I’m a ‘medium-rare more towards rare’ kinda girl).
IMG_2690 IMG_2691
Here’s a shot of me and a few of the other bloggers who came.
The reason for the fabulous brunch meet up was for Secret D’or (who you can find HERE) to introduce themselves. Basically Secret D’or bring together high quality products from independent designers. This isn’t fast fashion. The team take care in picking out pieces that wont go out of style. There were products from a few different brands on the day but what caught my eye most was the Flor Amazona  brand. From statement print bangles to layered chains, the pieces are wearable for daytime and night.
IMG_2696 IMG_2697 IMG_2698
A huge thank you for Secret D’or for the invite and to SoLiTa for having us. It was the perfect start to my Saturday.

Have you checked out Secret D’or before? Got a favourite brand that they stock? Comment and let me know!
Love Lucinda x

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