Vivienne Westwood A/W Tea Party!

Vivienne Westwood isn’t your average brand. So when it comes to new season launches, they do it in style; tea party style to be precise!
I didn’t think I could be more excited until I found out Hepworth’s were catering, only my favourite deli in Leeds/ the Universe! I skipped along to the event (not literally, i was wearing Louboutins!) and was greeted by the lovely Helen and Joe (Mr Hepworth himself) from Hepworths for a quick cuddle and a catch up. I noticed the amazing drinks and lets be honest, when they drinks are this pretty, not much can go wrong! I opted for a glass for prosecco first but went back for a G&T in a teacup later on. There was a non-alcoholic raspberry and elderflower drink to (the very pretty pink one) too!
IMG_2965 IMG_2966  IMG_2971
The GandTs were delicious but rather strong!
IMG_2969IMG_2968 IMG_2970
I stepped inside to check out the amazing new season pieces. There were models dotted about, wearing items from the A/W 2014 line too, plus the gorgeous girly was rocking the striking catwalk makeup, which I much prefer to the previous clown style makeup.
IMG_2975 IMG_2976
Snack break anyone? I was absolutely in heaven. From finger sandwiches in every combination to French macarons in every flavour (I love the lemon ones the best!), the food looked almost too good to eat… almost.
IMG_3022 IMG_2977 IMG_2979
I got stuck in with the delicious desserts, naughty sweet tooth! Hepworths now do afternoon tea which is an absolute dream and my second favourite type of food after brunch (from Hepworths of course)!
Everything looked just right. If anyone fancies sending me a big bunch of flowers like these, feel free! Onto what is basically a new huge list of things I want! The texture on the cream clutch bag caught my eye instantly. It has such a high end feel to it and I love the simple version of the orb.
IMG_2985  IMG_2990
You might recognise the jewellery from my last post when I blogged my Summer Wishlist. I featured the pearl necklace on the right, though I’ve fallen for the whole range; they’re just so pretty! The tassel statement piece really does stand out! I couldn’t help lusting over it.
Woven pieces and glitter; I’m sold!
IMG_3003 IMG_3004
Classic tartan print will always be in Westwood’s line up. I adore the little heart bag, which I was beyond tempted to purchase. Such a sweet thing but I really don’t ‘need’ any more bags right now. I do really want it though!
IMG_3005 IMG_3009
I loved this all black look finished off with a porcelain tea cup filled with gin and tonic. Is it just me or should every outfit be finished that way?
I also bumped into the most Vivienne Westwood-y couple of all time. I couldn’t get over their amazingly quirky looks. 
Apparently those boots are the only ones in the whole world! Madness.
Time for one last G and T before heading home.
Thanks to the Vivienne Westwood team for the invite, I had a fantastic time. Plus the catering was amazing, as expected, by Hepworths!
Have you fallen for any of the new season pieces yet? It’s only a matter of time! Let me know in the comments section below.

Love Lucinda x

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