Mr Nutcase iPhone Case Review

I was contacted by a company called Mr Nutcase recently and invited to design my own case for my iPhone. I’ve been meaning to get a case for my phone for a few months so I jumped at the chance and it got me thinking what sort of design I would like! I wanted something personal but I see so many photo collage cases, I decided I wanted to go for something a little different…
For those who don’t know, I was the social media manager for LRFS 2014 (you can find out more about it HERE) and it was a huge part of my year. I loved every second and figured this would be a great reminder of the experience.
iphone case design
I was so impressed by how easy the whole process was. It took me about 5 minutes from start to finish and then my design was on it’s way to becoming a reality. 
personalised iphone cover
The case arrived a few days later, speedy service for a personalised item! I immediately fell in love. So many people have already asked me where I got it from. I used a rather high resolution image and the print did not let it down. The detail is amazing and the case feels high quality. I’m quite clumsy and have dropped my phone more than a few times but the case isn’t showing any wear.
mrnutcase review mrnutcase iphone case review
You can even spot me if you look close enough, 3rd from the right on the FROW!
The case is a really good fit too! Snug enough that it doesn’t slip off but if you do need to remove it, it’s easy and simple to do.
iphonecase side view iphone
As you can see, the side panels are clear which I like as it adds to the sleek look iPhones have.

i’m really happy with the finished results and the team at Mr Nutcase were on hand throughout to answer and questions, so helpful! So a huge thank you to them. And now a little thank you for you guys:

If you would like to get your hands on your own personalised phone case (they do plenty different models, not just iPhone!) from Mr Nutcase you can use the following discount code for 10% off… Just type in ‘Thanku10’ when you get the the check out!

What would you put on a personalised phone case? Pictures of your and your friends? A cool movie quote? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Lucinda x

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  1. This has reminded me that I need a new phone case. Mine is so battered. I have always wanted a wooden phone case and I finally got one last year and broke it within an hour. Ooops.

    • What a nightmare!! hope the next one lasts longer! I’ve dropped this one a few times already (ooops!) and it’s shown no signs of wear which is a huge plus aha xx

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