Boomf; your Instagram made edible!*

So I got way too excited when Boomf* got in touch and offered to send me some marshmallows with my photos on. I’m an Instagram addict and absolutely love the idea. I’ve spotted Leanne Lim Walker and a few other bloggers with them and they looked fab!
How to order boomf marshmallows
I got online immediately and picked my photos! It’s beyond easy to order, just log into Instagram, Facebook or even upload photos from your desktop.
Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos
When the small silver parcel came through my letter box, I couldn’t wait to tear off the foil and check out my marshmallows.
Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos-001 Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos-002
I checked out the box before opening it up. I’m trying to eat cleanly and exercise ready for my holiday (I’m off to the Caribbean in 4 weeks!) but I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist. Turns out they aren’t THAT naughty, so it’s definitely okay for me to eat one or two (or nine…)!
Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos-003
I still can’t get over how fab the marshmallows looked! Boomf advise you pick bright photos that aren’t too detailed (printing on marshmallows has to be hard work!) so I picked a variety from my Instagram which you can find HERE!
Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos-004
You get a print out of the photos you selected – I’m keeping mine!
Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos-005
Everything about Boomf is just adorable…
Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos-006
Boomf marshmallows last 6 months in their packaging and 3-5 days once you’ve unwrapped them. Plenty time to eat them up!
Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos-007 Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos-008
My favourite ASOS Watermelon Bikini on a marshmallow… that’s healthy eating right? You can get the top here (It’s on sale! Go on treat yourself).
Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos-009 Boomf marshmallows edible instagram photos-010
The marshmallows are vanilla flavoured and rather delicious! The photo prints don’t affect the taste and you can still do all the same things that you’d do with a normal marshmallow… toast over a fire or melt in your hot chocolate, it’ll be equally scrummy!
Hot chocolate with boomf marshmallows boomf marshmallows in hot chocolate
I enjoyed a rather naughty Whittards creme brulee hot chocolate!
drinking hot chocolate with boomf instagram marshmallows
Boomf marshmallows are £15 for a box of 9 like mine. They’re tasty and such a cute novelty and they’d make an ideal gift.

I’m sold! But what do you guys think? Fancy eating your Instagrams? Would you buy this for yourself or a friend? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Lucinda xx


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10 responses to “Boomf; your Instagram made edible!*”

  1. These are so unique! What a cool idea!

  2. Gemma says:

    That’s such a fun idea, my boyfriend and I have hot chic with marshmallows and cream as a treat, would love to see his face if I put these on top x

  3. What a great gift idea. I love them!

  4. jenny says:

    I love these, great for a party and vanilla marshmallows sound tasty!

  5. Jo Bryan says:

    Oh what a great idea, love it and a perfect gift for Insta lovers!

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