Shopcade’s Summer Essentials!

Are you ready for summer? I’ve been pouring over Shopcade’s fab app making wish lists for my holiday must haves! Fashion wise I know exactly what I’m after but I’m in a bit of a beauty slump thanks to the heat and need perking up!
Thank fully shopcade have found some fab products to keep us beautified all summer long!
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Essie Nail Polish

Essie Nail Polish is so targeted to the summer that the brand even as a slogan about keeping ‘haute in the heat.’

We love Essie because of the range of beauty possibilities you have.  The hottest range is the Essie Neon Polish collection, while the Summer 2014 range has been produced specifically with easy application in mind.  Best of all, the colours match everything that should already be in your wardrobe and accessories collection, so getting Essie in your handbag should just be yet another layer to your summer style supremacy!”
ESSIE summer
Image by Essie.
Image from MakeUpAndBeauty.

Summer Fragrances

“Cynical fashionistas may well think that summer fragrances are just another way for the Calvin Klein’s and Chanel’s of this world to take some extra pennies from our earnings. However, there is no mistaking that the typically light and zesty scents of the summer are refreshing and feel a lot less empowering that wintery or night time fragrances. As it happens, the two brands we’ve mentioned are our favourites for summer scents, but you’ll find various summer versions of popular fragrances at stores across the land. Find a fragrance as light and refreshing as the summer (and you) deserve!”

Image from Pinterest.

Gradual Tan Moisturiser

“This is an essential summer cosmetic hack – especially if you want to achieve a healthy glow but aren’t planning to head abroad on holiday this year. All you need to do is replace your existing moisturiser for the summer, though we recommend sticking with a great brand that includes an SPF so you avoid exposing your skin to the strongest UV rays of the summer too much. We must confess that there are far too many gradual tan moisturisers out there for us to possibly begin to choose our favourite, but you can check out this handy rundown from All About You for an idea of the best products and where to buy them.”

Image from Pinterest

True Blue Spa Products

“True Blue Spa is one of the world’s fastest growing cosmetic and beauty brands, with loads of great products available for looking after your body from head to toe throughout the year. For summer, True Blue has developed its Naked range.  Naked is a lighter, specially designed for summer take on their usual range of products, complete with vitamins and nutrients to put back in what the sun and the heat takes out, as well as ensure salt, chlorine, and other remnants of summer swimming in seas and pools are cleansed from your skin 100%.”

Image from Bath and Body Works

Essential Beauty Buys for Summer

“Pick up these essential beauty buys for summer today!  You’ll complement what’s in your wardrobe and leave yourself feeling sleek and glam whether you’re spending the summer at home or abroad.”

Thanks to Shopcade for the heads up! Have you got any summer beauty favourites? Have you tried out the shopcade app? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Lucinda xx

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8 responses to “Shopcade’s Summer Essentials!”

  1. Great blog post. Shopcade looks amazing and Essie nail polishes are fantastic.

  2. Uh oh, I need to forget I read this because these apps make me spend money I don’t have! Love the colour of the Essie polish you featured 🙂

  3. reclusivefox says:

    Love the app, just wish I had endless amounts of cash to buy all the great deals on there!

  4. Gina says:

    i love essie they have great summer collections every year! i have tried gradual tans loads but never impressed normally xx

    • Essie are just fab! Really? I love Palmers gradual tan because it smells like chocolate and goes on really evenly! If you haven’t tried it I would definitely recommend it! xx

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