How to wear: The Blanket Cape

Since Olivia stepped out in THAT burberry cape, everyone and their uncle has gone mad for the blanket cape trend. The high street is full of them and you know why? Because finally we have a real life solution to duvet days. And since me and my duvet are very attached, I knew it would take time, effort and lots of shopping to find THE ONE.
First up?
The Primark Cape
Primark blanket cape aw14-001

Half way between a blanket and a cardigan, this Primark take has the most cape like qualities (oversized, batwing sleeves). The slouchy cardigan shape makes it really wearable – you don’t have to readjust every five seconds –  and monochrome keeps it stylish.
Primark blanket cape aw14-002
Cape, Dress & Boots, all Primark.
Primark blanket cape aw14-003
It’s unbelievably warm and cosy, almost enough to drag me out of bed on those cold winter mornings that are well on their way.
Primark blanket cape aw14-004
The boots were a complete steal too at just £20! I’ve been on the hunt for a pair since the gorgeous Rosie over at the Londoner poured herself into those amazing thigh highs.
Primark blanket cape aw14-005
This super soft chunky knit will be keeping me toasty through till spring.
Primark blanket cape aw14
The Topshop Cape
Topshop blanket cape aw14-001
The Topshop cape is definitely more of a blanket. Like an actual blanket. Like I’m living the dream here guys. It’s socially acceptable to walk about wrapped in a blanket. This one is the most similar to the cult Burberry cape but it does require a bit of manoeuvring.
Topshop blanket cape aw14-002
Cape from Topshop, Crop top from Topshop similar here, Trousers from Topshop similar here, Boots from Primark similar here.
Topshop blanket cape aw14-003
The trousers are in the ‘Last chance to buy’ section at Topshop but if you can’t find them in your sizes, great news: Zara stock almost exactly the same pair right HERE! The only difference with the Zara version is the zip in on the side instead of the middle and they’re £5 cheaper – Dream!
Topshop blanket cape aw14-004
The Topshop cape is the perfect way to take the edge of the Autumn chill.
Topshop blanket cape aw14
The Zara Cape
ZARA blanket cape aw14-001
So this piece is actually from last year and just flew off the shelves. Every time I wore it, I had a bonding session with complete strangers over our matching look. It’s also actually just a huge scarf. Last year everyone was wearing it bunched up and pulled tight, but it’s time to let it flow.
ZARA blanket cape aw14-002
Scarf from ZARA, Crop from New Look, Jeans from Red Herring, Boots from Primark similar here.
ZARA blanket cape aw14-003
It’s really flexible, you can wear it however you like! Add a brooch to secure the style and you’re good to go.
ZARA blanket cape aw14-004
I’ll never be ready to let go of tartan. I’ve loved it since I first discovered Viv West and this version is so easy to wear. You can let it stand out against dark colours or pull shades from the scarf through the rest of your look, it’s completely up to you.
ZARA blanket cape aw14-005
Wearable and cosy? It ticks all the boxes! I’m also having a bit of a love affair with high waisted jeans. This Red Herring pair fit fabulously. They’re curve lovers and I can’t help but love the flare on the bottom.
ZARA blanket cape aw14
I’m absolutely in love with this trend but what do you think? Do you have a particular favourite? Let me know in the comments section!

Love Lucinda xx

12 responses to “How to wear: The Blanket Cape”

  1. Tracey says:

    I really like the Zara cape from last year. With all that tartan they missed a trick. They should have re-issued it this year too as it’s very apt, with the Scottish Referendum and all that! Tx

  2. meimei says:

    I love the zara cape, but then again I am obsessed with the pattern 🙂

    meimei xx


  3. breigeflynn says:

    Those look cute on you 🙂 those checkered trousers remind me of Rupert the Bear! Even though his are yellow and not white. I’d love to see that as a series on some fashion blog actually, looks inspired by cartoon characters… (or maybe it’s a bad idea, this is why I’m not a fashion blogger!)

  4. The cape isn’t really my thing, but I am loving the boots! A bargain too.

  5. I love the black one it looks smart and stylish.

  6. Joanna Smith says:

    I’m loving this trend. The zara one is my fave out of these x

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