Feeling Fresh Leeds?

Over the summer, Leeds becomes a ghost town but come September, the students return and the city comes alive. The new students with fresh faces (even post-hangover… how do they do it?) potter about looking a little lost. Today I overheard one girl explaining how for pre-drinks she “has two bottles of vodka on the go”. She starts with Smirnoff and moves onto cheap vodka as the night goes on (Glenns, I’m looking at you). Smart girl. One thing the new semester brings is new style. You’ll find an eclectic mix of styles in Leeds so I snapped a few of my favourite looks…
Leeds Univeristy Union Freshers Street Style

Jasmine (21), makes the most out of the last ditch sunshine attempt with those chunky crossover sandals. The ripped skinny jeans and over sized tie dye tshirt give her a ‘thrown-together cool’ look.
Leeds Univeristy Union Freshers Street Style-001
Rachel (20), is at the other end of the spectrum, with winter ready boots and a bold print smock top. The simple colour scheme is what ties this look together.
Leeds Univeristy Union Freshers Street Style-002
Amy, Lily and Bella (19), all had a different take on Dr Martens – I love the ribbons for lace idea (something I’ll definitely try) plus bare legs, skinny jeans or ankle grazers is clearly the question on my lips! That bright orange coat really caught my eye too; so vibrant and fresh.
Leeds Univeristy Union Freshers Street Style-003
Mary (19) looked more polished (and less hungover) than most people during freshers – possibly thanks to those oversized sunglasses. Layering up a shirt, sheer jumper and more can be bulky but combining that with a structured jacket will help you hold your shape AND keep warm. Chunky flatforms like these are always a yes from me.
Leeds Univeristy Union Freshers Street Style-004
Sarafina (18) proves you literally can’t go wrong with an oversized shirt and jeans – with matching roll ups on the bottoms and top! Throw the A/W staple that is ankle boots into the mix and your all set.

What do you think of their looks? Got a favourite? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Love Lucinda xx
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3 responses to “Feeling Fresh Leeds?”

  1. Beka says:

    I love being in Leeds, it has to be my favourite city and all the different types of fashion on show is one of these reasons!

    I love Sarafina’s classic look of the oversized shirt and jeans but I also love Rachel’s look!

    Beka. xo

  2. Beka says:

    Blogger cut off my link! 🙁 xo

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