The LUSHest time of the year!*

LUSH is without a doubt one of my favourite beauty brands; from their ethical outlook to their gorgeous bath bombs! I haven’t dabbled as much as I would like to in their makeup section but boy have I made up for it with body products. With a wishlist as long as both my arms, legs and everything else, I popped along to the Christmas products bloggers launch with high expectations!
Lush Christmas Haul
Typical leeds weather meant I arrived damp and frozen but I soon warmed up dipping my hands in something luxurious! So grab a glass of something delightful and lets check it out… Prepare for A LOT of photos!
Lush Christmas Haul-001
Fancy a little magic? The Wizard is a bubble bar that you break a bit off and pop in your bath – much more economical than a bath bomb!
Lush Christmas Haul-003 Lush Christmas Haul-004
These are from the Halloween range and will be disappearing far too soon! Northern lights and Sparkler are spinning sensations. They’re bath bombs with a fast release one on the inside and slow release on the outside (which is what makes them spin and create a gorgeous bath)!
Lush Christmas Haul-005
A little bit of home inspo? I desperately need one of these, wish fresh flowers every week!
Lush Christmas Haul-007
Fancy a slice of Baked Alaska? This soap smells super citrusy and I just love those colours.
Lush Christmas Haul-008
You’re all I want for Christmas!
Lush Christmas Haul-012
I think this is probably LUSH’s most iconic Christmas product. Everyone knows about Snow Fairy – love or hate it. This super sweet shower gel is pretty in pink and smells just as sweet as it looks.
Lush Christmas Haul-013
You can’t not love this little fella (the Wizard is based on this little man). The Christmas Penguin is super cute! The perfect gift for anyone who loves Monty the Penguin (go on, watch it again, have a cry and then we can carry on with the post… I won’t judge)!
Lush Christmas Haul-014
Snow Angel is lustre filled bath melt (less fizz, more moisturising) to leave you soft and sparkly. LUSH have recently swapped to a seaweed based lustre that’s better for the environment (no more plastic) and they said it wouldn’t make you sparkly… but it still does. Not that I mind being glittery!
Lush Christmas Haul-017Lush Christmas Haul-018
The Holly Golightly bath bar is adorable… and very green! 
Lush Christmas Haul-019Lush Christmas Haul-020
Use a lot or a little depending on how many bubbles you want.
Lush Christmas Haul-021
Now this little gimmick is just adorable. Reminding you of a kid on Christmas morning, give the Golden Wonder a shake and you’ll here the shake of a present inside – no peaking (spoiler: it’s a mini bath bomb).
Lush Christmas Haul-022Lush Christmas Haul-023
The Luxury Lush Pud is all things bright and beautiful. It’s made up of lots of mini, colourful bath bombs.
Lush Christmas Haul-024
If you fancy a giggle at me trying (and failing) to pronounce all the lovely ingredients, be sure to check out my LUSH haul video for a sneak peak at my goodie bag!
Lush Christmas Haul-025
Time for a quick break from baths? I recommend pudding, preferably a pretty one in a glass jar. 
Lush Christmas Haul-002Lush Christmas Haul-032
Right back to work… Do you wanna build a snowman?Lush Christmas Haul-029
Yes is the correct answer! Let’s build…
Lush Christmas Haul-031
And not spend far too long building it!
Lush Christmas Haul-030
Want more snowmen? Oh go on then! The Melting Snowman Bath Melt is full of moisturising almond oil and cocoa butter.
Lush Christmas Haul-026
The Christmas range is full of deliciously moisturising products – Butter Bear is a complete softies dream.
Lush Christmas Haul-028
Star Light Star Bright is such a lovely gift. Just close your eyes, make a wish and give the star a squeeze. You’ll open your eyes to a bath completely filled with beautiful bubbles. 
Lush Christmas Haul-016
Have you met the bubble bars yet? They’re much more economical than bath bombs (like the bubble bars) just whizz them under the tap until you’ve got your required amount of bubbles then pop it on the side for next time. Drummers Drumming has a delightful strawberries and cream smell and would look so adorable in your bathroom!
Lush Christmas Haul-015

I’m totally in love with the Christmas collection – no change there then! Thanks to the LUSH Leeds team for a fabulous evening. Have you got a favourite product? Love LUSH or hate it? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Love Lucinda xx

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  1. I love their bath things too. Great post! 🙂 I’m off to a bloggers meet up at Lush on Sunday, and I’m so excited! x

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