My Little Subscription Box: A Slice of Paris*

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m a hoarder and an addict. I love stuff and just can’t help myself when it comes to subscriptions… magazine, food (Graze, I’m looking at you!) and beauty! There are so many boxes out there it’s hard to choose but then My Little Box landed in the UK – from their home in Paris – and I fell in LOVE. Now, whenever the postman pops one through my letter box (no more tragic ‘Sorry we missed you’ cards), I get as excited as a very excited thing and start tearing away the packaging.

My Little Box best Subscription box review-011
After the cardboard, you’re left with an adorably themed boxed packed with love.
My Little Box best Subscription box review-010
The December box was a collab with big time blogger Fleur De Force. Eached box is filled with themed treats, usually around three beauty products plus some lovely stuff for keeps. Ready to see what’s inside?
My Little Box best Subscription box review-013
Everything comes tied up in a bow – how chic! Let’s unwrap…
My Little Box best Subscription box review-012
Usually at the top of the pile, you’ll find a magazine by My Little Box and a super cute illustration. I can’t wait to find a way to display these, I’m thinking something to do with twine and pegs.
My Little Box best Subscription box review-014
As it’s December, also known as the month of Christmas, there’s lots of festive cheer about this box!
My Little Box best Subscription box review-015
A present? For me? Oh go on then! I love a good headband and if it happens to also keep me snug in winter, we’re onto a winner. If you’re more of a gift giver than a receiver, you’ll like this next part.
My Little Box best Subscription box review-020
There’s everything you for absolutely adorable gift wrapping, minus the gift wrap! The labels have got to be my favourite, so look out for them if you’re expecting a parcel from me (*Ahem, Santa*) this year. I think it’s about time we talk beauty!
My Little Box best Subscription box review-016
As I said, you can expect three beauty products in every box. I’ve had a mixture of brands I’ve never heard of like Cowshed, to hugely popular brands like L’occitane and Diane Von Furstenberg to My Little Boxes’ own line. The products I’ve received have all been of a good quality, even the MLB items which I didn’t expect.
My Little Box best Subscription box review-001
Fancy a peek into my November box? Well since you asked so nicely…
My Little Box best Subscription box review-002
So appropriately named ‘the cosy box’, November offered warmth, caffeine and smokey eyes (the oldie but a goodie when it comes to eye make-up).
My Little Box best Subscription box review-004
I was particularly charmed by the espresso cup, which certainly makes my mornings a little cheerier.
My Little Box best Subscription box review-005
If you insist! There was also a little something to keep me nice and snug and to get through the aches and pains of winter – yes I sound like a little old woman and yes I’m quite alright with that!My Little Box best Subscription box review-006
I’m not sure what these are actually called, but I’ve always called them rice pillows, and since they are pillow shaped and filled with rice type stuff, I’d say that label works just fine. You pop this little slice of heaven in the microwave for about thirty second and apply to which ever spot needs warming up first.
My Little Box best Subscription box review-007
Okay so the photo above clearly shows it’s called a Bouillotte, but I’m going to stick with rice pillow.
My Little Box best Subscription box review-008
Eyeliner, shadow and mascara are the three easy steps to smouldering smokey eyes… plus if you’re feeling a little lost, the magazine comes filled with tutorials for beauty, hair and a bit of DIY.
My Little Box best Subscription box review-009
I’ve been so happy with the boxes I’ve received. My Little Box is currently my favourite subscription box, after I was disappointed by Birchbox. I’ll be continuing to get excited every month when the gorgeous package comes through my letter box. The boxes cost £11 each plus £3.95 P&P which is a little pricey, but definitely worth it. You’re certainly getting your moneys worth compared to some other boxes out there.

So what do you think of My Little Box? Willing to give it a try? Do you love another sub box? Or just not a fan at all? You can tell me what you think in the comments below.

Love Lucinda xx

7 responses to “My Little Subscription Box: A Slice of Paris*”

  1. Kathryn says:

    I’m so undecided on them! I’m living in France this year and wish I could get them but my card is registered in the UK so doesn’t let me order! I really like the idea but it’s quite pricey for a gamble!

    • How annoying! Hopefully you’ll get it sorted. I’d definitely recommend giving them a go, I’ve been so impressed! I like it so much more than glossyboxes and birchboxes I’ve received!

  2. Ting says:

    This might be the box subscription that breaks my resolve. I used to have Glossybox at one point but stopped after a few months as I got bored. This looks so lovely though and I like the mix of lifestyle things too.
    Ting | http://www.thetingthing.com

  3. Rachel says:

    This is such a cute box and such a good price for what you got! xo

  4. Ah I absolutely love these boxes. I’ve had all the same as you it seems. The makeup it pretty good quality – though that mascara is a bitch to get off!

  5. kerry norris says:

    They look adorable! Thanks for sharing. Will have a look at them xx

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