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IntroJuicing with Currys health post
A little while back I got an email from the awesome team at Joe Blogs (if you’re a blogger, I’d highly recommend signing up to their mailing list – they’re FAB!) inviting me to a health event they were hosting with Currys. Since I’m always in need of a boot up the backside to get back on the healthy lifestyle, I accepted and dug out my gym kit in preparation of ‘Rocket Yoga’ – a frightening concept to the woefully unfit such as myself!
I turned up at Lambert’s Yard (a reaaaaaally cool space in Leeds) to find a room full of bloggers in there sports-wear. We were split into groups and made our way around five different stations to get our juice on.
First up was the play station…
IMG_1341 IntroJuicing-002  IntroJuicing-005 IntroJuicing-006
Everyone got kinda giddy and started throwing in a bit of everything – it was a great chance to experiment and find out which flavours go together. After a few mishaps (and some rather brown and frothy looking juice) I created something a little bit lovely. Strawberries, raspberries, apple, orange, lime, spinach (I promise you can’t taste it!!) and coconut juice made a delicious and less frothy red juice. I was amazed that I could pop a whole apple into the top… okay I’m easily impressed haha but it’s definitely a time saver and I love the idea of just throwing things into the juicer in the morning with as little prep as possible!

Next up was a table for fuelling with delicious chicken and lemon grass soup which I fell in love with. Then we moved onto the nutrition station with the fabulous Shakela from Nutrishan
IntroJuicing-007 IntroJuicing-008 IntroJuicing-009 IntroJuicing-010
Shakela introduced us to some serious green juicing business. I’m talking broccoli, kale, the lot! She also showed us lots of exciting additions to turn our juice into super juice, like adding Matcha Powder, Chia Seeds and my favourite – Palmyra Jaggery (a natural sweetener that’s really low in fructose). Veggie juices are definitely the best kind for you. Fruit juices are really high in sugar so it’s best to stick to veggies and keep the fruit content low if you’re trying to lose weight. Green juice is definitely an acquired taste so you might have to train yourself to like them.

Time for mocktails…
IntroJuicing IntroJuicing-012 IntroJuicing-011 IntroJuicing-013 IntroJuicing-014
By this point I was getting rather full of juice and getting increasingly worried about signing up to ‘intense’ rocket yoga which was next but I soldiered on and volunteered to help the cracking bartender Nick whip up from mocktails. At this point, I’d drank celery and turmeric so I was feeling rather adventurous. That’s when I blitzd a whole lot of beetroot which my group THOROUGHLY ENJOYED. Honest. They got the last laugh when Nick the bartender presented my with a rather more substantial version than the shot glasses above.

I downed the glass and waddled over to the Yoga station…
rocket yoga currys introjuicing
I feel like doing Rocket Yoga after a day of consuming rather a lot of liquid wasn’t the easiest thing in the world but it was rather a lot of fun. It was a lot like normal yoga except that the transitions from one pose to another were much more fast paced. The only snap of myself I got at the event was ^that flattering selfie on Instagram (you can find more like it here). I was definitely paying attention and not trying and failing to get a good angle on my yoga mat!

I had a fantastic time at the event and even came away with this AMAZING juicer! I’ll be sharing a review and some of my favourite new juice recipes soon. Thanks to Currys and Joe Blogs for having me and love to all the fab bloggers I met on the day!

What do you think about juicing? Do you prefer juice or smoothies? Have you tried Rocket Yoga? I’d love to know what you think in the comments below!

Love Lucinda x

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