Get Baked: The Joint Restaurant Review Leeds.

Every student in Leeds MUST have heard of Get Baked by now. It’s an institution. Starting out selling homemade desserts and american candy imports, Get Baked has grown into a haven for those who love quirky american diner style food with a twist.
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Their Heisenburger with blue cheese and candied bacon is my staple order from their takeout (don’t forget to add NICE sauce) where as my other half is a true Goober fan (think cheese, bacon and peanut butter – it shouldn’t work but it does). After opening their takeout in Meanwood, they set their sights even higher and bought part of the old church just off University of Leeds campus (which means my diet is now eternally out of the window). After a lot of anticipation, the doors where finally opened this year and after seeing the menu, I couldn’t blooming wait.
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As you walk through the doors you’re greeted by huge neon signs and wacky displays. There’s a lot of attention to detail and some weird and wonderful decor adorning the walls, not to mention graffiti murals and antique style light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. There’s a stunning bar in there too and a rather impressive cocktail list. You won’t exactly find classic cocktails but I bet there’s something intriguing enough for you to try.
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I went for the curious Grandpa’s Special Candy. Everything is a little tongue in cheek with these guys, as you can probably tell. The drink contained werthers infused wild turkey bourbon, fig, cola, caramel ice cream and sprinkles. Like I said, not your average cocktail! It was a fun drink but I think next time I’ll give the Dib Dab or Panda Pop a whirl.

And now for the part you came for… the food. I’d suggest that if you are on any sort of healthy eating/ calorie controlled diet/ not wanting to have a heart attack before your 50 eating plan then look away now.
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The boyfriend went for the Head For The Border which was basically his normal burger (cheese, bacon, peanut butter) but with the addition of a fried egg inside the brioche bun (totally the best kind of bread). Since I always stick to my usual burger with Get Baked, I decided to try something new. I went for the Blame Canada chicken wings and I was speechless. Super light and crispy fried chicken wings with maple syrup, sea salt and sesame seeds. The batter has got to be some kind of dark magic, it’s just too delicious. The combination literally left me without words (which, to anyone who knows me, is a real impressive feat). Admittedly I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Candied bacon and pancakes = my spirit animal and I can never turn down sweet and salted popcorn so if you aren’t a huge lover of savoury and sweet then this might not be for you. But if you are, it’s a dream combo. Finally the fries, also a thing of magic. Skin on (obviously) with nacho cheese sauce (see what I meant about the diet) and mysterious gypsy seasoning make the Fairground fries so blooming wonderful.

If you aren’t convinced yet, you can see the rest of the menu HERE but trust me, where ever you are reading this from, it’s worth the trip. I’m going to be paying several more visits as I definitely need to try those pancakes and I’m already craving more fries! The place is pretty standard price-wise for what it is, similar to Rosie’s Diner etc.

Have you visited The Joint yet? Do you like American diner style food? What do you think of savoury and sweet together? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

Love Lucinda xx

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  1. Oh WOW! This place looks incredible! As if you had a drink with werthers infused wild turkey bourbon; sounds mental! Food looks amazing. Drinks-wise, reminds me of the London Cocktail club; if you’ve never been and head down that way check it out. They do a cocktail with flying saucers in it! x

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