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Well I did a little disappearing act in the middle of my Brighton posts, thanks to exams and the most incredible holiday ever – I can’t wait to tell you about it but till then, check out the highlights on my Instagram The Fashion Fictionary! I’ve certainly missed writing about my adventures so I’m back with one or two more Brighton posts to share (you can check more of what I got up to here). Today’s post? It’s more than a little bit tasty… 
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After the name sixtyfourdegrees kept popping up, I decided to pop in on my list of must visits. Tucked away in Brighton’s winding lanes, we stumbled across the tiny venue and ducked our heads inside. We were seated with the short but incredibly well put together menu and a fantastic view of the open kitchen. Seeing each plate dished up certainly made choosing between them even harder but we settled on two meat options, a fish dish and a vegetable plate, plus nibbling on homemade crisps with chilli mayo helped us along. One of my favourite things about this place – though Joey Tribbiani wouldn’t be a fan – is that it’s all meant for sharing. On to the first dish?

The fish course was squid, not rubbery in any way just unbelievably soft and creamy. Throw in the smokey flavours from the pancetta and tie it all together with a chilli kick. Even for my other half who is pretty new to seafood, it was an instant hit.

The pig cheek was the first of two meat dishes. Not braised as you might expect, the rich and tender meat was pulled and served in light, crispy panko breadcrumbs, ready to be dipped in a mushroom ketchup. The texture and flavour combination was incredible and a twist of lime cut through the richness to create a perfect balance.

The vegetable plate came next. Of the veg options, Jamie and I felt a little underwhelmed when it came to the menu but plumped for the asparagus and when it arrived… we were certainly glad we didn’t skip it! Steamed to perfection, the asparagus had a little bit to them, not to mention buckets of flavour. The orange and grapefruit gave the veg an unusual citrus burst and finished with ultra creamy hollandaise and pine nuts (a favourite of mine), the plate was empty in no time.

The final dish was the beef rib. The beef was melt-in-your-mouth soft and the bone marrow was the perfect rich accompaniment. There was an excess of breadcrumb and the purple head broccoli wasn’t my favourite but by all means not a bad dish.

Fancy giving the menu a try? Booking is absolutely essential for this place. From the outside it seems like the sort of venue you can pop in and out of but it was fully booked for the night and they had to turn plenty of people away. You can do it online HERE. Now can someone pass me another round of asparagus?

Have you been to Brighton? What do you think of the menu and the open kitchen? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Love Lucinda xx

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