OOTD: Double Denim

There’s a fine line when it comes to double denim (Britney and Justin, i’m looking at you) but if you’re brave enough, there’s plenty of ways to style it up. So when I stumbled on a dark blue denim dress and a white denim skirt in the same store, I knew it wouldn’t be longer before I was pairing them up. And then I checked the price tag…

primark double denim ootd cover
primark double denim ootd-003
Primark Double Denim OOTD 15
primark double denim ootd-004primark double denim ootd-005primark double denim ootd-006
primark double denim ootd-009primark double denim ootd-007primark double denim ootd-008primark double denim ootd-010

Okay so can we just take a sec to appreciate that like 75% of my outfit cost less than the shoes? And the shoes weren’t even that expensive, I just found the biggest steals ever from the gods at Primark. A super on trend A-line skirt? Check. Effortlessly stylish Breton T? Check. Demin dress that doubles up as a jacket? Check. All for the princely sum of £21. YASSSSS!

The bag was a bargain too. Since there’s about 0% chance of me getting my hands on a Chloe Drew right now I had a look online for dupes and I’m making do! The lace-up flats are just so pretty, right? They’ve been a huge hit this season and now I want about a hundred different version (especially these gorgeous little things!)

The outfit is so easy to throw on for day time and super comfy too. What do you think of the double denim? Would you wear it?

Love Lucinda xx

4 responses to “OOTD: Double Denim”

  1. Mandy says:

    Lovely outfit!! Adore your shoes…


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