Let’s talk about BOOBS*

October’s almost over which means two things:
Halloween is here (sounds suspiciously like Hello Wine if ya ask me!) AND Breast Cancer Awareness Month is drawing to a close. I hardly need to shout from the rooftops why this is important – everyone knows someone who’s had or been affected by the C word – but I’m going to anyway…Plus size bikini summer holiday style ootd-004 copy
Boobs are pretty spectacular
. Not only do they produce food to sustain tiny humans, they also render certain people incapable of looking elsewhere (eyes up here please). And yet what do the majority of people do with them? Shove them in ill fitting bras! How can we neglect those lovely lil (or big) things? So don’t be shy, get them out for the gals and get measured properly. Bra fitters are professional and, even for British people with our inherent awkwardness, it’s totally fine after a minute or two! I’m a firm believer in comfort so it’s important to wear a bra that fits… That being said, I’ve been fitted for bras in the past where they’ve tried to squeeze me into a 30 back size (hilarious) on a strapless bra and I’ve had to say ‘I understand it needs to stay up but I also need to breath!’ so if you’re uncomfortable, mention it before splashing out far too much money on what is essentially a device with which to torture yourself.

Boobs are all different. So much so that your left might be bigger than your right and that’s abso fine and dandy so don’t you worry. When it comes to boobs, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, all lovely in their own ways. They’re definitely on the ‘grass is greener’ scale, with busty ladies lusting to go bra and back ache free and the lest chesty among us wishing for curvier cups but the truth is… you just have to love what you’ve got! And so you should because they’re fab and they’re yours, you lucky thang!

Boobs deserve respect. Whilst we’re at it, let’s ditch the stereotypes! I’ve got a sizeable (ahem) chest and, until about a year and a half ago, I would never have dreamt of going bra free (even when I was a size 6). Now I let my body decide whether I’m going to wear a bra or not and most days I just wear a non-wired bra or ditch them completely! It still shocks people when they find out I’m not wearing a bra but we should be free to choose, no matter what size or how old we are or any other issues, and that decision shouldn’t be influenced by what other people think!

Boobs need looking after. Give ’em a good squeeze! This is the serious stuff – regular checks are so important: if you don’t know what they feel like normally, you won’t know if they’ve changed. Boobs can feel lumpier at different times during the month but always, always speak to your doctor if you’re worried.

TREAT YO SELF (and your boobs). Now we’ve talked about finding the right size and style, loving your boobs and looking after them, so you (and they) deserve a treat! Well fitting, beautifully designed underwear can turn your day around. Males still seem to be under the illusion that we wear nice underwear for them, but until they’ve learned the difference between Victoria’s Secret and Secret Possessions, they’ll never really get it. Good underwear is empowering and it’s up to you to choose and enjoy it, whether that’s with a pair of Bridget Jones-esque knickers and no bra or a tiny thong and scaffolding on top, whatever fits and suits you (whatever you ENJOY wearing) is what matters. Simply Be have teamed up with some fab bloggers* to get things off their chest, chatting all things boob-wise and you can find out information about how to check your lovelies and plenty of other resources from breast cancer uk here! The team at Simple Be have sent me a gorgeous Curvy Kate set* to test drive which is a total dream to wear. You can find the full range HERE in all different shapes and sizes!
cury kate

So coppa feel, make best buds with your boobs and wear whats best for you! Are you a full on bra girl or wild and free? Maybe somewhere in between…

Love Lucinda xx

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