The Decanter Leeds Wine Bar Review

Is there a better way to spend an afternoon than surrounded by fine wine and wonderful company? I’ll be more than impressed if you can come up with something. In the mean time let me tell you about a little gem that fits the bill. The Decanter is a wine bar on Park Row in Leeds that you can miss completely if you aren’t careful. With an invitation to sample the delights on offer, I was more than a little excited to put my (admittedly not vast) knowledge of wine tasting to the test. You might want to grab a glass of vino before you read on… 
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Letting bloggers pour their own wine probably wasn’t a sensible decision…decanter-leeds-wine-bar-review-009
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We moved onto the reds and accepted our fate as the naughty corner…
Lorna from Life by LDE, Lizi from Glasses Girl and Jenna from Hepcat Blogs
The lovely Alex from The Decanter fighting off the paparazzi.
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Alex, one of the owners of The Decanter, introduced himself and popped open a bottle of Palmer & Co Champagne to cleanse our palettes before the tasting began. I was surprised to find a champagne I hadn’t heard of before but the taste was familiar. Unknown to me, it’s actually the brand the Moet (the T isn’t actually silent) & Chandon use when their stocks are low – they bottle it and sell it with their own label on.

Our glasses were soon filled with a 2014 Vintage bottle of Cuatro Rayas Sauvignon Blanc. While we may have been a little eager to taste the wine, there were a few steps to take first. Checking the clarity of the wine (cloudy wine is an indicator the bottle may be corked) and then trying to pick out the delicate aromas all came before the taste test. Alex told us to pop our palms over the glass and give the wine a swish about to really release the aromas. I assumed I would be a little rusty but after giving the glass a whirl, I immediately picked out a strong passionfruit aroma and a host of other flavours. The next bottle was a vintage from 2012. I’m not a huge fan of Reisling, a grape from Germany, however this wine was produced from a crop of Reisling that had been moved and tended to in Australia and the fresh, citrus flavours made me a convert.

There was barely time to grab a quick snap of the cheeseboard that arrived before the nibbles began to disappear. A heavenly goats cheese had us all head over heels and before long we were moving onto the reds. I’ve been working on making myself a red wine fan for some time but I do still prefer white – it’s something that my family all grumble at. I still fully managed to appreciate the 2013 Vintage Pinot Noir we tried which I felt made a good starter red if you’re trying to convince yourself to be mature and enjoy red wine. Alex followed this with a 2011 Vintage Chateaneuf-du-Pape which if nothing else is fun to say. This is definitely for the more experienced red wine drinker and was a little too much for me (very technical but we had managed to avoid pouring any wine in the bucket up to this point and so had consumed a little more wine than was intended). The wine was a big hit with the red wine fans at the table.

The final showstopper of the event was the Fromage Langres AOC, a french cheese made in the Champagne region of France. Soft and slightly crumbly, Alex poured a shot of champagne into the middle and we all had a taste… I now wholeheartedly support pouring champagne on cheese!

A huge thank you to The Decanter for having us and for putting up with our giggles. We had a fabulous afternoon and I can’t help thinking how it would be perfect for a date night and a catch up with the girls. I was impressed by how affordable it was, though you can certainly treat yourself to something special, overdraft permitting.

If you need me, I’ll be in the wine cellar…

Love Lucinda xx

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