Windswept with #GeorgeChristmas*

I’m back from a bit of a blog break after being in and out of hospital (yuck) with another dose of seasonal style. When George at Asda invited me to pick a Christmas outfit from their range, I was a little skeptical. It’s not somewhere I would ordinarily think of when expanding my already over-filled wardrobe, but I figured I would head on over to the website for a browse anyway. Ready to be impressed?
Windswept winter OOTD GeorgeAsda cover
Windswept winter OOTD GeorgeAsda-001Windswept winter OOTD GeorgeAsda-002Windswept winter OOTD GeorgeAsda-003Windswept winter OOTD GeorgeAsda-004Windswept winter OOTD GeorgeAsda-005Windswept winter OOTD GeorgeAsda-006
Windswept winter OOTD GeorgeAsda-007Windswept winter OOTD GeorgeAsda-008Windswept winter OOTD GeorgeAsda-009

So here’s the Christmas look I styled. I love to be comfy and cosy without compromising on the look during Winter so heeled boots are a life saver (oh hey longer legs). And if you heels aren’t your thing¬†they also do a flat version in black and tan – winner! I’m still not over my fringed jacket I picked up in the Summer and the fringed boots and bag combo are just marvellous, plus they come in black which makes them Winter proof.

The folk-style print tunic dress is so easy to throw on with abso anything! It nips in at the waist (forever flattering) and only gets short when you dance about like an fool/fabulous human. I adore pairing it with wooly tights and a hundred more layers to cope with the weather, like my super cosy cape. Duvet day, everyday (yasssss)!

What do you think of the look? Surprised by the items or are you a total George fan? Let me know in the comments.

Love Lucinda xx

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