Winter in Paris, part 4

On our final day in Paris (check part one, two and three here) we decided to tick the final major tourist destination off the list and visit Notre Dame. We popped into a cafe to grab an espresso to go before heading to St Michel. After a stroll around the cathedral, we bumped into a few friends…
Top tip – if the bonkers pigeon guy covers your other half in bird seed, DO NOT LAUGH. He will do it to you too. The pigeons will come for you. With any luck they won’t poo in your hair! Moving on rather swiftly, we wandered down the Seine, picking up the usually tourist souvenirs and postcards along the way.
It didn’t take me long to spot a boulangerie, proclaim my hunger and grab a seat. You might not think it possible to consume ones body weight in Croque Monsieurs over a single weekend, but I can assure you it’s utterly do-able (and delicious)! Jamie wanted to see the Moulin Rouge so we made our way back towards Monmartre.
Whilst there, we took a trip to the Musée de l’Érotisme where we were totally sensible and didn’t giggle, honest. The time to collect our bags came around far too quickly and before long we were back at Gare Du Nord, then Charles De Gaul waiting for our flight. We did end up heading home with a bottle of Verve though so it wasn’t all bad…
Fancy Paris in the Winter? What’s your dream city break destination?
Love Lucinda xx

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