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LUSH are famous for more than a couple of reasons: they’re good eggs with their cruelty free policies and the campaigning they do for human rights, they use sustainable and recyclable packaging and, last but not least, that blooming lovely smell. I know it divides a few people but for me it’s all the advertising they need. Whenever I aim to walk past, more often than not, I find myself browsing bath bombs before I’ve realised what’s happening! So I’m sharing a couple of my latest finds and favourites…
My skin, other than being rather sensitive, is generally quite well behaved. It’s somewhere in the combination zone but keeping it clean and pampering once in a while works well for me. I’ve used the Oatifix face mask before – it’s thick, kinda smells like porridge and keeps dry patches at bay. I keep a pot in my fridge at all times (especially in Winter) but lately I discovered the Rosey Cheeks face mask. After mentioning how sensitive my skin can be, the lovely LUSH team recommended it. It’s the ultimate calming, cooling mask and leaves me with the softest skin after use… and importantly no red patches or adverse affects that I often get when trying new products for the first time! I’m sold on it and switch between the two masks whenever I’m in need of some relaxation.
I’m a total bath bomb and bubble bar obsessive. There’s nothing better than a bubbly and brightly coloured bath and popping on a hair/face mask to relax (add a glass of vino and a good book to up your relaxation game). The intergalactic bath bomb is one of my current favourites – it’s so pretty and vibrant (I shared some snaps on my Instagram @thefashionfictionary). The Butterball is less of a show stopper but ultra-soothing and it leaves your skin super soft thanks to the shea butter and all the other lovely stuff.
I picked up a couple of other bits which I’m yet to try (but rather blooming excited to).
Are you a LUSH fan? What’s your must-have product? Comment and let me know.

Love Lucinda xx

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