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You know that feeling when you set eyes on something you just abso HAVE to have? I mean, yes I get that feeling with pretty much every piece on ASOS but sometimes a piece of clothing will come along that makes my heart beat faster and it’s in my basket before you can say ‘Check your bank balance gaaaalllll’. That’s basically an exact reenactment of how these jeans came to be in my life…

Topshop denim is seriously babin’ right now. The temptation to get a pair of these sparkly vintage reworks is just too much for me, though after also purchasing these lil dreamboats, I really need to hold off on the denim. The tee was a last minute ad-on purchase from when I order some seriously fab shoes from Daisy Street – ran by fellow blogger Lucy from Lights Camera Feathers. Plain and simple, it goes with errrr’thang which is the best news when I wake up late (a.k.a all the time) and just want to throw something on and still looks stylish AF.

I’ve got fab news about the bag… If you (like the rest of us) have been wistfully lusting after THAT Stella McCartney bag then you can get your hands on the one above at the fraction of the price, thanks to Miss Pap. I’ve never purchased anything from there before but when I spotted it, it was a done deal and I’m so impressed with it. It’s the perfect day bag to throw everything into and I’ve not had it off my shoulder since I bought it!

The boots are oldied but goodies from Primark but I’ve linked a lace up pair above if you wanna get your hands on them and you can pick up a pair of my specs for a bargain too.

So whad’dya think of the look? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Love Lucinda xx

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  1. Tina says:

    Love this outfit! The jeans are amazing! x

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