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If you just read the words cheese cafe and got very excited, then you came to the right place. Homage2Fromage is a whole restaurant dedicated to the delights of cheese (uhhh YUM) and frankly I’m shocked that it’s taken me this long to visit. But the wait was worth it…
With a menu made up of small plates and larger dishes, we decided on a combination. After a fair bit of deliberating, we ended up with a veritable feast of the mac n cheese and garlic bread with grueye and then the fondue with added pulled pork (the raclette was sold out, much to my dismay). Wine and cheese? Well hey there heaven.

Of course, being the cheese fan that I am, I was bound to have a wonderful time. The fondue was by far my favourite part. You can hardly go wrong with molten cheese and dipping. The mac n cheese had an incredible crust on top, though the underneath was a little underwhelming, especially since we’d heard such good things. The garlic bread was enjoyable but made ten times more delicious with the addition of balsamic.

Far too full of cheese to move an inch, we sat and finished off our bottle of vino, chatting away about nothing in particular. Homage2Fromage is perfect for grabbing a glass or wine or a craft beer and people watching through the huge windows or catching up with friends over a dish to share.

Have you visited Homage2Fromage? What do you think of a restaurant dedicated to cheese?

Love Lucinda xx

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