Why people will never learn that victim blaming is wrong…

From the oligopoly of media outlets shunning refugees, to ‘lad banter’ perpetually refusing to acknowledge rape culture, we are surrounded as a society by victim blaming. You can complain all you like about how the world is becoming too ‘PC’ but in reality, people are reaching a point where they can finally stand up for themselves without as much fear of rebuttal. Society grows, develops and moves all the time and it’s only when we ALL embrace the change that we can be proud of our it. But that isn’t going to happen, at least not until authority figures can lead by example instead of perpetuating the problem…


Take West Yorkshire Police*. I stumbled across the following tweet from them:

Victim blaming at it’s finest.


Shouldn’t the tweet aim to educate perpetrators on the laws surrounding revenge porn? Should it not focus on members of societies wrong doings rather than a person sharing intimate content with a loved one or person they choose to trust. Just because the person they shared it with goes on to violate that trust does not put the sender of the content in the wrong.


Revenge porn doesn’t just happen to people sending photos to strangers online as the ‘warning’ article from West Yorkshire Police implies – if you want to do this as an adult then that is your choice and you shouldn’t be judged for it (as long as the person on the receiving end has consented to receive the content and your not just forcing your genitals on some poor, unsuspecting soul). It also happens to people in loving, trusting relationships. WYP urge you to ‘think about why someone would want you to send them an erotic image of yourself’. How about because you have a consenting adult relationship with another human where you are well within your right to sexually express yourselves without judgement?


Telling someone that if they send photos, they could end up online is the equivalent of telling someone if they own belongings, they could get robbed. To paraphrase WYP, stop and think of the consequences before you buy anything… ugh.


It’s time that we stop victim blaming and start educating, or people will never learn that victim blaming is wrong.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What actions, if any, do you think the West Yorkshire Police and other authorities should take?
Love Lucinda xx


*West Yorkshire Police have been contacted but have not yet responded.

3 responses to “Why people will never learn that victim blaming is wrong…”

  1. Tina says:

    Urgh! Great post. It’s really sad that it needs any consideration. You would never think of sending anything if you didn’t trust the other person.
    I think rather than focus on the action, the attention should be on the punishment. I do think it’s good to put safety messages across, but this is more about blaming the person who sends it than teaching.

    • Exactly! We should be moving away from victim blaming and towards educating people to prevent them becoming perpetrators. The worst part is this attitude is coming from an official body. Surely they should know better! Lucinda xx

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