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I’m super excited to announce I’ve been shortlisted for Best Fashion Blog in the Bloggers Blog Awards again, thanks to you lovely lot. I’ve been blogging properly on The Fashion Fictionary since January 2014 (where have 2 & 1/2 years gone??) and, despite all the hard work it takes, I still blooming love it. With my fab news in mind, I figured it was about time to go back to the start and tell you why I started fashion blogging in the first place…
Company Blogger Awards 2014

I’ve always been craazzzy about clothing, always spent far too much money on clothes and always dreamt of a career in fashion. As a (then) size 12, I felt too big for the industry. Walk into any fashion magazine office and you’re surrounding by tall, thin and gorgeous gals and for me, I didn’t fit. I had struggled with eating disorders and body image for years. Despite how tiny I was, I would never be thin enough. It took a long time for me to reach a healthy place and be happy with the way I looked and I wasn’t about to lose that just to try and fit in…
I loved reading magazines and seeing bloggers and influencers start to rise. But no one looked like me. New trends looked great on the slim girls with endless legs but I wanted to know what they would look like on me. I decided, as I often do, to do my own thing. So I started up The Fashion Fictionary and shared my first few (slightly tragic) outfit posts.
IMG_1068Mermaid wildfox shell bra jumper outfit -00570s coachella summer festival style from asos-006
My confidence started to grow and my photos got better, no longer shot from the inside of my dingy student house or on an old iPhone. Outfit posts have always been my favourites to share. They’re the reason I started blogging in the first place. All the rest; the lifestyle, travel, beauty etc, just fell into place along the way. But fashion is what I’m about.
print playsuit ootd ohmylove topshop-003OOTD ASOS cable knit jumper cold summer style-003Plus size bikini summer holiday style ootd-004
Talking body confidence has become an important part of my blog too. We’re constantly pressured from all sides to look a certain way. Some people do look like that and that is great but some people don’t and that’s also great. Our love for ourselves and our self-worth should not be defined by the opinions of a faceless middle-aged affluent white male. and that’s what I love most about the blogging industry. Whilst the biggest bloggers may have pastel mermaid hair and legs for days, there is something or someone out there for everyone to related to.
So thank you – whether your a regular reader or a new one – for being part of this. I want to show as many people as possible that you don’t need to fit the mould to love yourself. Self-worth is not measure by the gap between our thighs. You do you, go be blooming awesome and empower each other.

I love hearing your stories and if you ever want to chat about body confidence, style or anything, you know where I am.

Love Lucinda xx

P.S You can vote for The Fashion Fictionary for Best Fashion Blog in the Bloggers Blog Awards here!

11 responses to “Why I Blog & The Bloggers Blog Awards”

  1. Aw I love this post! I’ve always struggled with my body shape and image too, and sometimes I don’t feel good enough in the blogging industry as I don’t look the same way as some of the bigger, glossier bloggers. I love your blog and your confidence (and you’re pretty lovely in person too 😉 ). Congrats on your nomination I’ll definitely be voting for you! Xx

    • I’m glad it’s relatable – so many gals go through it and no one should have to hate themselves just because they look a certain way – there’s no set mould for beautiful. Thanks so much gorgeous, so much love for you. Thanks so so so so much for your vote!! xxxx

  2. I flipping love this post! I’m a really new follower after sing your shortlisted for the bloggers blog awards and I am in love (and goi to have a stalk of all your old posts) I started fashion blogging recently for many of he same reasons that I wanted to almost inspire myself to think you don’t have to look a certain way to love fashion 😊
    Charlotte | http://www.shoestingchic.co.uk

  3. sam panasuik says:

    I love you photos as you really do look confident in them. Your outfit posts also make me jealous with all the gorgeous clothes! 🙂

    • Thanks so much gorgeous! Hoping they inspire confidence and self-love in others. Oh, and this dress is an absolute bargain so you should totally treat yourself 😉 xxx

  4. Deimante says:

    This is gorgeous girl. It’s taken me years to get to a point where I’m pretty happy and I think that’s what it’s all about. Being happy and comfortable in your own skin. I have so much love for you, you beautiful lady xx
    Deimante x

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