Not fat enough for Plus Size?

If you’ve read my post about why I started blogging and my thoughts on body confidence, you’ll know I’m a total fan girl when it comes to gals embracing their shape and sharing the love. I’m a huge believer in being each others cheerleaders and have made amazing friends through blogging, but unfortunately it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. So when I got a few emails questioning my use #plussize, I wanted to discuss…
Plus size bikini summer holiday style ootd-002
Plus size bikini summer holiday style ootd
On a scale of sizes, I sit to the right of the middle. I’m not as skinny as other gals (or at all) and I’m not as big as other gals. But when I describe my body, I say curvy, plus size and fat and I hella embrace that.

Whilst there are lots of positive movements towards plus size, there’s still a whole load of negativity. Sure, there is skinny shaming as well which is horrible, but it doesn’t happen to the extent or severity of fat shaming. The media push unattainable ideals and act like clothes are only for skinny people. Well, time for an update hun, fat people wear clothes too. That’s why I adore the plus size community; it’s a chance for people who don’t tick the skinny box to inspire each other and share the love. It’s inclusive, friendly and frankly blooming lovely.

But, as with all things, there is bad with the good. It actually upset me to be called out for being ‘fake plus size’. I was told I’m not big enough to be part of the community. Embracing my body after a long battle was such an accomplishment for me and I felt like that was being torn away. After chilling the f out, I started to doubt my use of plus size (which I regularly associate myself as and tag outfit photos with).

In high fashion, a 10 or above is plus size. Lots of curve or plus ranges start at 14/16. But the lines aren’t always black and white. I don’t want to appropriate (for want of a better word) the plus size culture; I adore plus size bloggers and the community. I want to promote self-love for gals of any shape and size, not to be ignorant towards bigger huns. I blog to share inspiration for gals that look like me ’cause there’s a real lack of it, but I’m not sure if using plus size is doing that or making things worse.

So gals, if you’re offended that I call myself plus size or anything else, lets talk about it. Let’s educate, point each other in the right direction and bring a li’l more sunshine to the internet. Should I use plus size or not? 

Love Lucinda xx

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  1. A really important message in this blog. I also fall into the “in-between” size category and agree that it’s hard to find a place for that in the blogging world. You’re right, whatever your size, and however you want to describe it, let’s just celebrate it and get on with that self-love.

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