The Hedonist Project Mountain Lodge; Every Drink on the Cocktail Menu

The Hedonist Project is a pretty cool concept bar. Every few months, the idea behind the place changes. It’s been a Whiskey bar, a Gin bar, a skate bar, a Rum shack and more. But it’s not just the menu that changes; the whole place gets a makeover and a completely fresh vibe. When the guys behind it go to so much effort, it would be rude not to visit, right? And so, just like the millennial hero that I am, I tasted and rated every single cocktail on the new Hedonist menu. You are welcome. Now lets get piste…
Winter Rose Cocktail at the Hedonist Project
Winter Rose – 8.5/10
I was a little apprehensive about trying this as I’m not the biggest fan of floral flavours but this was blooming delicious. Just a hint of rose alongside fresh raspberry made this Vodka based drink go down far too easily.
Apres Flip cocktail at the Hedonist Project
Apres Flip – 4/10
I didn’t read the ingredients. It looked like chocolate milk. It was not chocolate milk. I couldn’t get over my disappointment enough to enjoy this. I’ve never had nut bitters before but I don’t think they’re for me.
Black Rum Reviver – 9/10
This is Christmas in a cup. It’s warming and delicious. There’s cinnamon, citrus and chamomile involved, so grab one, sit by the artificial fire and say au revoir to stress and all other bad things in life. Brownie points for the copper mug #aesthetic.
Alcaraz Cooler – 5/10
So. Much. Tequila. If Tequila is your thing, you’ll enjoy this more than I did. Unfortunately, Tequila is my kryptonite, or at least that drink you can still taste during the worst hangover anyone has ever experienced.
A Breeze from the East – 9/10
This reminded me of a LUSH bathbomb. I’m not sure how that equated to it being one of my favourite drinks of the evening (I mean I’m a huge LUSH fan but…). Give it a mix before you dive straight in and enjoy the gin!
Deep Nectar – 6.5/10
Total titanic vibes from this one. To an unrefined palette (aka to me) it tastes like Whiskey. If you like JD and coke, you will probably like this. If you’re a bit of a Whisky snob, stick to your single malts for a few more rounds first.
The Grindelwald cocktail at the Hedonist Project
The Grindelwald – 5/10
This one wasn’t my cup of tea. I couldn’t really distinguish the flavours (though I had sampled a fair few drinks by this point), I could just taste alcohol and lots of it.
Matterhorn Smash 9.5/10
It had an after taste of Popcorn flavoured Jelly Belly Beans. Instant hit.  It’s Bacardi based with lemon, ginger bread syrup (yum) and soda, so definitely not something I would normally go for as a total Gin gal. But this really surprised me. I’ve been back to the Hedonist since (twice in two days, oops) and immediately ordered it again so if you’re only going to try one drink, make it this one.
Have you visited the Hedonist before? What’s your favourite cocktail?
Love Lucinda xx

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