Christmas at Fazenda; the festive menu

That’s it, Halloween is out of the way, we can officially start talking about Christmas. And if you’re about to pipe up and try to tell me to wait until after bonfire night, I’m afraid I won’t be able to hear you over the sound of me singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs and watching Elf on repeat until the big day. In the spirit of Christmas and all that, I think it’s only fair to share a little about some festive menu sampling I’ve been up to at Fazenda…
If you’ve ever visited Fazenda, you’ll know how it works. You help yourself to the salad bar – something I’m not normally a fan of, but when the salad bar has freshly prepared sushi, Brazilian delicacies, guac and more good stuff, it’s hard not to be impressed. Every time I visit, I swear I won’t fill up on the salad bar but I’m easily distracted and its all so delicious.

The wait staff (I’ve had some of the best ever service at Fazenda) bring over nibbles and explain how the card works… green tells the staff to present more meat, red tells them to hold off for a while. I always go for rare steak, which the staff are more than happy to organise. There’s a whole range of options at lunch time and even more in the evening – including chicken hearts which are actually incredible.

The meat is cooked Rodizio style, and when we spotted turkey on the festive menu, I did wonder if it would come out a little dry. But I was more than impressed when I took a bite. This was no average, chain-resturant attempt at a festive feast. The pigs in blankets stepped it up another level. I would go back just for those.

I’ve never, ever in the history of date night, been able to eat dessert at Fazenda. Whilst I normally subscribe to the ‘second stomach for dessert’ school of thought, there’s just only so much room in my body to put the stuff. We were presented with a platter of mini favourites and I had a little nibble, just so I could give a full report (and who can resist macarons). They finished the meal off perfectly and satisfied the sweet tooth.

If you haven’t tried Fazenda before, I recommend you go immediately. If you have, you know how good it is, so no excuse not to make a repeat visit.

Love Lucinda xx

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  2. I just had breakfast but now I’m hungry again! Looks delish xx

  3. I love Fazenda, the Christmas additions sound so good too. L x

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