BLOGMAS// December Style Day 15

The count down is on… Christmas is in ten days and I am SO ready for everything to get even more festive. Only a few more days in the office too, then I’m going to kick back, get my christmas pudding jumper on and consume my body weight in mince pies & mulled wine. Since I’m making the most of the last few days in the office, I figured a work wear look would be pretty relevant right about now…

The tie waist shirt is from Megan Ellaby’s ASOS collection from last year (which I was totally into). It’s perfect for layering up over crop tops & dresses and gives you a little extra bum coverage, for if you wanna wear leggings – especially important if you accidentally buy the practically see through variety of leggings from Primark that we all seem to and then conveniently forget.

Since my office is pretty casual, I’ve gone with said leggings but jeans, trousers and culottes could all work too. The tshirt I’ve picked is from Tea and Cake – a gorgeous brand with a concessions stand in Topshop. The rope lettering ‘ahoy’ is so cute and I’ve added a neck tie for that #YachtAesthetic (as I like to call it – basically sailor chic) look.

What do you think? Catch up with yesterday’s pretty in pink look here.
Love Lucinda xx

7 responses to “BLOGMAS// December Style Day 15”

  1. I adore that bag! I saw it everywhere when I studied abroad in Italy and I’m sad I never purchased one. Adorable outfit.
    xo Logan

  2. palettepop says:

    Amazing photos

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