BLOGMAS// December Style Day 16

Blogmas was going swimmingly. I’ve loved the excuse to talk about fashion, body image and all that jazz everyday, to pose and pout even more than usual, to get dressed up everyday and make the most of the lead up to Christmas by wearing as much glitter as possible… Then my office Christmas party rolled around, along with a two day hangover #PrayForLucinda. But I’m working hard to catch-up, so you’ll be getting a couple of extra posts over the next few days. And whilst we’re on the topic of parties, it’s about time I show you my office party look…

Through-out the year, I’ll take any excuse to get a little sparkly, so the lead up to Christmas is my jam. When I spotted this skirt on La Redoute (my current obsession) I just had to order it, without a particular occasion to wear it in mind. So when Thursday night rolled around and I couldn’t decided what to wear for my office party, my other half reminded me about my latest LR package and it was a done deal!

Pairing it with a simple black roll neck top lets the skirt shine. The bronze metallic shade is spot on for my festive colour scheme and all it needed was a little subtle sparkle to complete the look. My go-to for glitter has been a new little Etsy shop set up by a friend of mine – Handmade Sweet Designs – where you can get your mitts on gorgeous custom pieces!

The leopard print boots came from a ‘want to dress up but don’t want to wear heels all day in the office’ predicament and after hours of Champong (beer pong but with fizz) and running around force feeding people with cheese and cake, it was definitely the right decision.

What do you think of my office party look? Don’t forget to check out my Blogmas work wear style post here.

Love Lucinda xx

p.s enjoy this li’l twirly gif of my new fave skirt

3 responses to “BLOGMAS// December Style Day 16”

  1. I love the look! I am coveting a metallic skirt and just when I had almost convinced myself I didnt need one I keep seeing bloggers wearing them in different ways and I just think yes I need one.

  2. Love all your accessories 🙂 They look amazing with your outfit!
    x Helen

  3. […] makes it easy to dress up or down – it was a party season fave of mine and I styled the midi skirt with all black and a little leopard print thrown in or my office […]

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