Top 5 tips to create a Pinterest worthy apartment

When it comes to creating a home that would look at home in Vogue, my abso go-to for inspiration is Pinterest – it’s full of creative ideas and interior designs. I adore individually created and curated homes, with a flair of the owners personality thrown in. I’ve been in my apartment for six months now and I’m always looking for new ways to create the perfect space, so I’m sharing my top 5 tips to inspire your Pinterest worthy home…
pinterest-style-apartment-interior-inspiration-copyThe curated shelf

A must have in any home that considers itself even remotely Pinteresting (like interesting and Pinterest worthy, obvs) is the curated shelf. I use the one above for decorative pieces and cameras, where as the one I have in the kitchen houses unusual glassware as well as fresh produce. The trick is not to over crowd the space, it’s a focal piece rather than somewhere to shove bits and pieces that you don’t really need (get rid of those asap). If you’re struggling for space, grab some storage boxes for the pieces you can’t let go off but don’t want to display.

The minimalistic scandi style
From the colour scheme to the space, go minimal and clean. Use white as a base and pull in pops of colour, with greenery and succulents to keep things fresh or throws and cushions in a muted palette. I’m forever scrolling on Etsy for art work inspiration for the walls – I’m planning on picking up a few more simple prints to add character, like this Coco Chanel typography piece.


The little touches
White walls and empty spaces can start to feel like a hotel rather than your home, so add personality with little touches. Whether that’s your favourite books and records, art work, a hat stand for your favourite accessories… it’s up to you to put your own unique flair into the space.

The illusion of space
I love open plan spaces as it always feels like there’s so much more room, helped along by the natural light. To maximise this, mirrors are your BFF. From small, choice pieces to floor to ceiling mirrors, mix it up to emphasise your space.


The DIYs
If you believe in yourself and buy enough cans of copper spray paint, anything home can be transformed into a place worthy of Pinterest. I’m always looking at ways to upcycle what I already own and thinking about how I can create a home for new pieces before I purchase, which sounds sensible but normally involves buying even more craft items to make my new item fit in. I try and make the most out of the things I create, so the pompom wall that I made for my last Birthday Pinterest party in now hanging in one of my lounge windows – cute and individual!


Feeling inspired? Start by planning what you want to keep and what you want to change then get curating and creating!

Love Lucinda xx

10 responses to “Top 5 tips to create a Pinterest worthy apartment”

  1. I love all of these gorgeous details!! Especially the pom poms and the plants, too cute!
    Deimante x

  2. earthtoloz says:

    Pinterest is a lifesaver ! X

  3. laurenjwilkinson says:

    Lucinda I love this post – especially the cacti and the shelf, you’re giving me all sorts of inspo right now!
    Lauren xxx

  4. My favourite line: “If you believe in yourself and buy enough cans of copper spray paint, anything home can be transformed into a place worthy of Pinterest.”

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