The perfect boots for transitional Spring style

My name is Lucinda and I’m a shoe addict…. well a shopping addict if I’m honest but we can deal with that another time. Boots are my absolute jam for pretty much every season, from over the knees to cut-out shoe boots (pls no one call them shooties, a shop assistant said this to me once and I died a bit inside). And for transitional style, is there anything better than ankle boots? They look chic with pretty much errrrr’thang, whatever the weather – though lets face it, it’s gonna be rain or snow for the next million months…

The patch work pair
Ummm how cool are these dreamboats?! I know I always go on about Daisy Street but there’s a reason they are my fave footwear brand. These boots are everything. I mean come on, there’s the donut patch, the cacti, the unicorn, the nope badge, the peace symbol… basically every cool thing ever.

The embroidered pair
If those patch chelsea boots are the last word in cool, these embroidered babes from Ego are the beauty pageant winning equivalent. I could actually just stare at them for hours. The embroidery is killer and the colours are blooming beaut too. They’ve got an oriental inspired vibe going on that I’m totally feeling right now and they look fab with everything in your wardrobe – from all black looks to clashing prints.

The cut-out, maybe the sun will shine and I won’t get frost bite but if I do they are totally chic so it’s worth it pair
These cut-out babes are fierce. The statement shape, buckle fastening, peep toe and stacked heel come together to say don’t mess with me, I’m blooming fabulous. In Summer I wear them to give dresses a li’l edge but for now I’m pairing them with skinny jeans and an oversized jumper. P.s please don’t sue me if your toes fall off.

The disco pair
Do you ever have those days where you just feel meh? Oh yeah they’re called¬†Mondays! But like days when your wardrobe feels a bit flat or you just aren’t motivated? The kinda days when no amount of caffeine is gonna perk you up – you know the ones. Well those days call for disco boots. It’s basically impossible to be unhappy in a pair of sparkly silver boots. I suggest getting your hands on a pair ASAP… you’re bank balance will understand, I promise.

The animal print pair*
Oh hey foxy lady! Who doesn’t love a little leopard print? We’ve seen a total transition for the print; from tatty and kinda tragic to totally chic! Whether you’re ready to go all out or you just want to dip your toes in, these boots are a great place to start.

So which pair do you need right now? Other than all of them…

Love Lucinda xx

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  1. Fantastic boots!! I’m also a shoe addict haha!

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