How to make your apartment Hygge

Living in a city centre apartment often means your home hardly resembles a country manor house. Open fires? No chance. Too many bedrooms? One can only dream. But city centre living is cosy AF and cosy is basically your first step to Hygge living (the totally cool and latest Danish lifestyle trend that isn’t going anywhere so just embrace it). So buckle up and head to your nearest Ikea ’cause there are some things you’re gonna wanna buy for my top 5 tips for a Hygge home…
how-create-make-your-home-hygge1. Declutter the crap
Get rid of all the junk you don’t need. If your bedroom resembles an assault course (as mine occasionally does, soz Mum) you clearly have stuff you don’t need. Got a box of things you just haven’t got round to unpacking? A case of clothes from that trip you took in 2009? Get rid! Clear out, charity shop, sell it on Depop – whatever you can be bothered to do (because lets be honest, we have better things to do than queue up in the post office every other lunch time). You’ll have bags more room and, if you’re anything like me, a lot less bags!

2. Up the cosy factor
Did you know that you can literally never have enough candles? Or throws? I know I just told you to get rid of all your junk but I totally didn’t mean candles! Obviously you have to have candles to make the room smell good AND candles that are just for deco (just warn you’re other half before he burns the £100+ white company candle for six hours, ughhh). Bundle up your throws in a cute container like this minimalist wire basket (I’m using the other for bath bombs) and DIY an adorable li’l sign. Totally Hygge and the Pinterest dream – two birds, one stone!

3. Stock up on a host of hot beverages
In my cupboard you’ll find all the normal stuff like breakfast tea and coffee, plus a whole host of herbal teas and flavoured hot chocolates, and that’s on top of the juices and flavoured fruit infused waters in the fridge. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as curling up on the couch with a peppermint tea, wrapped in your new throw.

4. Create a ‘nook’
It doesn’t have to be a bay window seat or whatever, just make a spot that’s dedicated to what you need. Whether that is a work-free space, somewhere to get creative or just a place you can relax. Surround it with everything you might need. I wanted a place I can create ideas and content, so I always have notebooks on hand. I don’t ever do day job type work when my nook is set up so I don’t get distracted.

5. Remember the good stuff
It’s tempting to take all of our photos on an iPhone and leave them there forever, minus that 1% that make the light of day on our Instagram accounts, but it’s time to start making the most out of those great memories. Print snaps or grab a polaroid camera and surround yourself with those positive moments. Stick ’em up then get your faves round for dinner and drinks to create more lovely memories.

Feeling totally Hygge yet?

Love Lucinda xx

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