Brunch at Sheaf Street Cafeteria, Leeds

Brunch is thebomb.com and if you disagree, this probs ain’t the place for you. I could happily eat brunch food for every meal and I love nothing more than spending my mornings in coffee shops, a plate of eggs benedict on one side and my laptop on the other (God bless free wifi). I’d heard some great things about the brunch offering at Sheaf Street Cafeteria so I grabbed a couple of my blogger gals for a post-shoot, brunch-fuelled catch-up…
Since the weather only seems to be getting colder, we grabbed flat whites and cappuccinos to warm up whilst we debated over the menu. Before long, plates and dishes began to arrive. If it’s my first visit somewhere for brunch, I normally opt for Eggs Benedict because a. it’s delicious and b. I can used it to compare against everywhere else. The closest thing Sheaf Street offered was poached eggs on sourdough with a choice of extras, so I rolled with it.
sheaf-street-cafeteria-brunch-menu-review-007There was some serious yolk porn going on with the perfectly poached eggs on top of smoked salmon for Elle and crispy bacon for myself. The slice (read: wedge) of Leeds co-op sourdough bread made for the perfect base too. Ally went with something a little different; the beetroot salad with smoked salmon, which she promised me was delicious.
With a little gentle persuasion, I also ordered the homemade crumpets with apricot jam and i’m so glad I did. Fluffy and light, yet incredibly filling a.k.a exactly what you want from a crumpet. They’re also approximately 1,000,000 x better than Warburtons, but that’s just an estimation.

I’ll definitely be back at Sheaf Street soon – a crumpet and flat white coffee break sounds just about right. If you need a little more brunch inspiration, check out my top brunch spots in Leeds here.

Love Lucinda xx

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