Galentines with The Cocktail Experience

Over the years, my friendship groups have changed wildly. From being absolutely surrounded by girls in high school to the once cringey ‘I only hang out with guys ’cause it’s less drama’ college years, then the mismatch of Uni and post-uni life, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. I’m lucky enough to have amazing best friends dotted about the country, that I’ve picked up along the way, but since starting blogging I’ve met an amazing group of inspiring gals. There’s always at least one or two fabulous faces at each event I’m at – and what better way to celebrate than getting loads of us together with a whole host of amaze cocktails from the best bars in Leeds? So grab your gals and a bottle of Moet and get your Galentines on…
Fairground cocktail by Oracle bar at The Cocktail Experiencethe-cocktail-experience-leeds-gals-night-003the-cocktail-experience-leeds-gals-night-004
I’m a firm believer that you should always TREAT YO SELF. Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec are my spirit animals after all (if you haven’t seen it, get Amazon Prime and be prepared for your life to get so much better). A glass of Moet & Chandon? Treat yo self. A candy floss cocktail? Treat yo self. All the thai food you can eat to soak up the alcohol? TREAT YO SELF. But first you need tickets to The Cocktail Experience.
The King in the North cocktail from Vice & Virtue is a seriously strong concoction worthy of the Stark name. Oracle’s Fairground offering is super sweet and topped with floss aka a grown-up, liquid dibdab. Malmaison took drink of the evening though with their salted caramel, Khalua infused, creamy delight of a drink! After a few drinks we got the down-low on the new bar replacing Sandinista too – get ready for tequila and tacos courtesy of Chida (coming v soon).
the-cocktail-experience-leeds-gals-night-008the-cocktail-experience-leeds-gals-night-009the-cocktail-experience-leeds-gals-night-010 Oh and you have to pop by the 53 Degrees North  bar to try their Marigold cocktail – a pineapple and floral combination that your Instagram is calling out for. We had the best night sampling drinks from all the bars – I know, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it – and now it’s your turn! Grab VIP or standard tickets here (early bird have already sold out) and get ready for a fabulous evening.

Love Lucinda xx
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