Finding your fragrance; perfumes for Spring

It can take years to find your signature fragrance… I discovered mine by chance before a flight to LA. I picked up the number 10 edition from the Dolce & Gabanna Anthropologie collection and fell instantly in love. Whenever I spray it now, it makes me think of sunshine and great memories. I’ve always been drawn to fragrances created for guys and I think the fact this is unisex and a little different to the normal floral offerings really drew me in. But since it was discontinued (heartbreaker – I stock up whenever I see it), I’ve been on the hunt for something new…

Wake up with Neom Energy Burst

I’ve never been a morning person. I’m an ‘always late, snooze through seven alarms, throw clothes on and out the door’ kinda gal. But I am trying to change that, and Neom’s first ever fragrance (can you believe it?) is definitely making a difference. It’s incredibly fresh and full of essential oils which soak into your skin. It wears so well too – it’s supposed to stay fresh for at least two hours but I’ve had plenty of compliments hours after application. Plus it’s the perfect pick me up through-out the day.

Everyday at the office with Jimmy Choo
I know, I know, florals for spring ain’t exactly ground breaking (sorry Miranda Priestly) but you can’t really go wrong with the classic Jimmy Choo fragrance. It’s one of those scents that just seems to work for everyone – light and fruity, I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like it.

Date night with YSL Black Opium
If a fragrancy can be sexy, this one totally is. Whenever I wear it, I feel fabulous AF. It’s a bold fragrance, with notes of coffee, white florals and vanilla and it lasts on the skin for hours, with just a few spritzes. If this was an outfit, it would be a little black dress with sky high heels – seductive, sassy and strong.

Have you discovered your signature scent yet?
Love Lucinda xx

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