How to live your best life; don't be embarrassed!

After heading to Blog at the Beach with Icelolly last week, I’ve been feeling so inspired, especially after a talk from Jen at She Gets Around, who had us up on our feet dancing, writing poems and supporting each other. One of the things she said really stuck with me… ‘Don’t be embarrassed’. Life is for the living so what’s the point of holding yourself back? I’m so behind not wasting time on the opinions of others so I’ve written my top tips for embracing your best life. Ready to shake it off?

Don’t be embarrassed of your body
Tummy rolls? Back fat? Spots, scars and tiger stripes? Embrace them. It’s what makes your body real and wonderful and you. We can’t all be airbrushed Gigi Hadid, nor do we want to be. A beach body is any body you choose to take to the beach (preferably your own, or someone else’s with their consent…) so never let those ridiculous adverts or magazine articles shame you into feeling like your body is anything less than incredible.
Don’t be embarrassed of your wardrobe malfunctions
We have all been there and anyone that says they’ve never had one is most likely tell a fib! Wearing a swimsuit that makes you look like a giant slice of watermelon? As long as you feel good, you look good. I love wearing playsuits on holiday but I’m the kinda ‘buy now, don’t try on until your on holiday and you’ve already worn your 7 outfits and 14 emergency outfits and this is all that you have left to wear’… and they’re always too blooming short. I don’t think I need to specify what happens when you wear a playsuit that ain’t long enough for your body. But  have your moment of realisation then just style it out. Who cares? As long as you’re having fun, especially if it’s in the sunshine.
The moment of realisation…^
Don’t be embarrassed of loving something
Like, the can shut up, makes your voice squeak, run out of breath ‘cause you’re still talking about it kinda love something. Tell your friends you blooming love them and take a thousand selfies together. Ditch the trendy book or movie and reread your favourite for the millionth time. Been on the most incred holiday and completely adore the destinations? Shout it from the roof tops. Found THE best ever brunch spot? Slide into my DMs asap, because that’s crucial information.

Don’t be embarrassed of being alone
If you’re single or maybe have another half that can’t travel, and your friends are even poorer/busier than you, don’t let it hold you back. Want to take that trip but have no one to go with? Go it alone. Do your research, make plans and have a ball. They invented selfie sticks for a reason. Plus, if you’re eating alone in a restaurant, there’s no one to moan that the food is going cold while you take approximately 2,394,174 photos for Instagram.
Don’t be embarrassed of being yourself.
You do you girl. No one else is quite as good at it. Listen to Taylor Swift, do your best to reread Harry Potter without the pages falling out, dance around in your size 14 bikini, attempt to make your diet 99% Avo Toast* and DON’T BE EMBARRASSED. You’re fabulous, embrace it!
*This may or may not be an accurate description of what I would like to call my best bits…
Love Lucinda xx

4 responses to “How to live your best life; don't be embarrassed!”

  1. kylie says:

    Lovely post! Im going on holiday next week and i always fret what other people are going to think. I worry about my outfits etc.. but after reading this post i think im going to think sod it! I like it and thats all that matters.! Thanks for this! 🙂

  2. bylaurenjane says:

    Brilliant post Luc, we all need to be a little less hard on ourselves and not be embarrassed. You look fabulous in a bikini too!
    Lauren – bylaurenjane

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