The best luxury brunch in Leeds; Bottomless brunch at Issho

What’s better than brunch? Well, considering it’s the best thing since sliced bread, very little. Except bottomless brunch. Since the trend made its way up north, Leeds has grabbed onto it with all the enthusiasm of a fashion blogger fighting over the last pair of those H&M earrings. Bottomless brunch does come at a price though (literally, they can be pretty pricey) so you’re gonna want to know what you’re in for before booking. So with an invite to check it out, I figured I would do my bit and head along to sample the bottomless brunch offering at Issho
issho-interior-styleissho-leeds-view-restaurant-luxury-brunchissho-leeds-luxury-brunch-terraceissho-leeds-luxury-brunch-menuIf the weather is good and you can get a table on the terrace, I would definitely recommend it. You’d have no idea you were in Leeds, it’s got more of a New York vibe. Plus, the view is gorgeous. Onto the food, the brunch set-up works like this: you pick a sharing platter with a selection of bao bun fillings, which range in price from £20-£35 (which split between two isn’t bad). Then you can add bottomless fizz to your brunch for £15. If you fancy any other small or bigger plates, just add them on at the start or as you go.
issho-luxury-brunch-bao-bun1issho-luxury-brunch-monkfish-baoWe went with the fried monkfish which was a special but I’ve also had the confit duck which was equally delish. The platters come with a plate of the filling, a refillable tray of bao buns, sauce and pickled sides. It’s the perfect amount for sharing between two, or if there’s more of you, just top it up with extra plates, which is exactly what we did.issho-luxury-brunch-bao-bunissho-luxury-brunch-smoked-eel-nigiriissho-leeds-luxury-brunch-gyozadessert-issho-japanese-restaurant-leeds
A haute cuisine Japanese restaurant has been something Leeds has been crying out for, but this is something else. The sushi is so pretty it kinda gave me a complex. We plumped for the spider crab rolls which somehow tastes even better than they looked. The smoked eel nigiri is something I would recommend to everyone, and have been doing since I first tried it. Even if it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, just trust me, it’s insane. We tried a selection of other dishes like the California bun and the fried gyoza. Every item off the menu seriously shone (no filler bitches here), just like the service. The wait staff couldn’t do enough for us, and rarely let our glass sit empty. Even the desserts looked spectacular, though I was too full to try them this time round. Basically, it’s the perfect way to spend an entire morning, and if I’m choosing something over a lie-in, you know it’s a big deal.

What do you think? Is Issho on the top of your places to visit list? Because it should be.

Love Lucinda xx

Ishho, Victoria Gate, LS2 7AU. I was invited to taste and review the menu. All opinions are my own.

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  1. mrsp84 says:

    I keep seeing these bao buns and they look delicious. Might have to investigate to see if anything similar has reached us in Leicestershire yet…

  2. Wow issho looks amazing! This is however seriously helped by your gorgeous photography skills! The desserts look especially enticing!

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