Festive Cheats; fancy gift wrap ideas on a budget

Since reading the ‘Life changing magic of not giving a f**k’, I’ve been rocking a new ethos – maximum pizazz with minimal effort. I’ve always been a bit extra when it comes to Christmas, so I’ve got a bit of a reputation to uphold, but surprise surprise, I don’t actually have a million free evenings to spend perfectly wrapping gifts. Oh, and when I’ve already bought you a gift, I don’t want to spend £6 on a gift bag (looking at you John Lewis). So I’ve come up with some fancy looking giftwrap ideas that don’t require a Phd in art or a whole wasted weekend to create…
Brown paper packaging, tied up with string; Julie knew what she was talking (well singing) about here. It automatically looks chic. Bonus points if you tie a little greenery or cinnamon sticks on there… or both if you’re feeling wild. Every (sane) person likes candy, so candy canes, swirly lollipops or anything that wouldn’t look out of place in Wonka’s factory make good additions, and there’s definitely bonus points available for edible add-ons.
There’s nothing a lick of paint can’t improve (though don’t actually lick it… like where does that phrase even come from and please can it go back). Festive cheat right here – dipping your little finger in white paint and adding sporadic blobs to the paper totally looks like snow falling a.k.a festive AF. If you’ve got Christmas cookie cutters, these also make good stamps. There’s two ways about it though: pre-stamp your paper before wrapping and wait for it to dry whilst perilously trying to prevent it from curling up OR giftwrap, then stamp. The downside is it’s really difficult to angle it across the different sides, so just stick to the top, whack a bow on and be done with it.
If your handwriting sucks, buy a fancy gold marker pen. I did a calligraphy class with Viking Stationery recently and I’ve been obsessed with it since, but my success rate isn’t 100% yet, so the gold marker they gave me came very much in handy. Made a mistake? It’s gold and shiny, so who cares? Just add some extra snowflakes. You can buy cheap (like <£1) block coloured gift wrap/bag and fancy it up with some swirls.

Christmas gift wrap done, and it’s not even Christmas eve!

Love Lucinda xx


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