Festive Cheats; the party food you absolutely NEED this Christmas

If there’s one thing that can bring us all closer together, it’s got to be cheese, right? I mean, if there anything that can’t be made better with the addition of cheese? Nachos wouldn’t be nachos without queso. There would be zero point to 7pm on Christmas day be without someone cracking out the cheese board. Apres Ski would be nothing without fondue and raclette. Life wouldn’t be worth drinking living without a hungover grilled cheese. Even my abysmal efforts at cooking can be made passable with a little bubbling mozzarella under the grill. Cheese is basically the glue that holds my life together. But if you’re buying, cheese boards can be pricey, so I’ve got the ultimate, affordable and super sociable alternative… Camembert!
Time: If you’ve got five minutes, you can make it extra fancy. If not, stick it in the oven as is for 20 minutes and it still comes out delicious, which is a definite win in my books.

Difficulty: You could do this with your eyes closed, though I wouldn’t recommend doing that when you’re chopping the garlic…
1 Camembert, preferably in a pretty looking wrap
1 fancy loaf of Bread, either a rounded loaf or a ring style with a gap in the middle that you see on Pinterest but definitely can’t find in Tesco
2 cloves of Garlic (or as many as you like)
5 sprigs of Thyme (yeah, that’s a legit measurement, don’t question my style)
A drizzle of Olive Oil
Anything you fancy dipping – more bread, crackers, crudities, your whole face…
Thinly slice your garlic cloves. If you’re as clumsy as I am, get a real grown-up to cut it for ya. Take the lid off your Camembert and cut criss cross lines (yeah that’s my best description, just look at the photos if you’re not catching my drift) in the top and slide those garlic slices part way in. Whack some sprigs of thyme on there too. Stick the lid back on a pop it in the oven for like 20 mins ish or until it looks done (your guess is as good as mine). Oh, and you were meant to turn your oven on at the start to preheat. I didn’t remind you like normal cook books do because it’s common sense and if you can’t manage that, you should probs let someone else do the cooking and embrace your fabulous elsewhere. Chop up your items for dipping and cut a circle into your bread loaf (if it’s the kind from Tesco without the hole and not the fancy kind you can probably find in Waitrose). Scoop out enough to make room for your cheese and once the Camembert is cooked, pop it out of the adorable basket its in and into its new, snug bread home. Serve on a random piece of wood for extra Pinterest points.
Verdict: Gooey, dip-able deliciousness without the faff of a fondue kit. Everyone will think you know about flavour pairings and how to cook, even though you, an intellectual, are just here to eat cheese. Revel in how great you are whilst eating said cheese.

Love Lucinda xx


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