Festive Cheats; the simplest 3 ingredient biscuit recipe ever

This one was a bit of a revelation. As someone who never remembers to organise a food shop (this is gonna change in 2018) and always wants to make stuff (is the random urge to be creative an actual thing or just me), an empty cupboard normally turns this on its head. But it turns out you can make biscuits with basically nothing in, so even if you’re the queen of disorganised like me, you can make treats/join in bake sales/ pretend you didn’t forget about someones birthday until the very last minute because you brought a super thoughtful, homemade gift! Go you, you total babe. So let’s skip any more waffle and get on with the biscuits…
Time: 5 minutes of prep, 15 minutes of waiting by the oven to make sure they don’t burn before giving in to the fact you should have gone to the bathroom before you stared, leaving them alone for literally two minutes to get just that tiny bit over done and having to cover them in icing sugar to hide your sins. Decorating is a whole other level. I don’t know how speedy you are, but they took 3 tea breaks to do a batch of 24.

Difficulty: There are literally 3 ingredients, it couldn’t be easier. If you don’t have a mixer, forget arm day at the gym (lol, what), this will be your work out instead. If you have a mixer, no sweat for you (figuratively and literally). It’s also super easy to remember the ingredient quantities, it’s just 3,2,1.
Ingredients for 15 biscuits:
300g of Flour (extra for dusting)
100g of Icing Sugar
200g of  Butter
A splash of milk if your dough won’t hold together
Festive cookie cutters

For the icing:
100g of Icing Sugar
A few drops of water
Grease proof paper to make piping bags
Sellotape (for if you aren’t a genius folder of piping bags that stay put all by there selves)
Weigh (or roughly guess like I normally do…) your ingredients and stick the butter and sugar into your mixer. If you don’t have a mixer, go out and buy one (ideally a KitchenAid so you can pretend you’re on Bake-off), then come back and start this recipe. Mix on a low-medium speed until combined then gradually add the flour until it looks like Play Doh. If it doesn’t hold together, pop a splash of milk in and give it another mix. Dust flour on your work surface and get out your rolling pin. If you don’t have one, quickly read this baking hacks post and then come back to me. Roll out the dough until it’s about a centimetre thick, then start cutting. Pop the cut out shapes on a grease proof baking sheet (don’t forget the baking tray underneath or this could all go south) and squish your leftover dough back together, roll and repeat. You might need to do a few rounds of baking as they can go pretty close together but the biscuits don’t want to touch, or you’ll end up with an indistinguishably biscuity mess – delicious, but not the Instagram aesthetic you were hoping for. Bake for 20 minutes or so, then pop on a wire rack to cool (apparently this part if important but I normally just stick them on the side and I’ve never perished).

Once they’ve cooled, do some origami magic to create a piping bag or four (just google it, I got my mum to make mine for me and I have zero regrets). Make your icing mix, snip the end off your piping bag, stick the mix in and off you go. I just went with a few random dots, lines and snowflake-esque designs but there’s plenty of inspo out there for fancier versions. The final step is to take photos in various places so you can humble brag on social about your skills then eat them in one sitting. The end.
Verdict: Particularly lovely with a cup of tea that someone else has preferably made for you, since you did all the hard work with the biscuits. Festive, chic and pretty simple – icing them was actually pretty easy, as long as you don’t get to caught-up about your lines being a bit wonky. And if anyone mentions that, tell them its rustic.

Love Lucinda xx


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  1. bylaurenjane says:

    Love the look of these Lucinda, I feel like I need to do some festive baking asap!
    Lauren xx – bylaurenjane

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