5 reasons I ditched daily make-up

Make-up and I have had a bit of a love hate relationship. In high school, all I wanted was to wear three shades too dark foundation and enough eyeliner to give the whole of Green Day a run for their money, but uniform was strict and I got attacked with a face wipe whenever I tried my luck. College was the first time I was able to freely wear make-up everyday. That also co-insides with the time I got a bit too into bronzer (not a winning look). Two years later, I was already bored of having to wake up early or trying to apply eyeliner in the car, so I started wearing less. The CC cream went first (I’ve never been a heavy coverage kinda gal), swapped for a touch of concealer where required, then the eyeshadow, then bronzer. I still wore mascara for a while after that, but even so, I really couldn’t be bothered. So I didn’t…

Why did I stop?
1. To give my face a break
I’ve been pretty lucky with my skin, in that I’ve never had any particularly bad skin conditions, other than the odd bit of eczema. I do get dry skin because I’m the worst when it comes to having a skin routine (as my girls frequently remind me) so I’m trying to moisturise more, but I feel like not wearing makeup often means my skin doesn’t get too clogged up. I also don’t have particularly long eyelashes, so when I do wear make-up, I use lash curlers and a considerable amount of mascara, and I can’t imagine doing that everyday would do them much good.
2. To sleep more. Hello lie-in. I blooming love sleep and anything that means I can spend an extra twenty minutes in bed, I will take. My uber account, habit of eating breakfast at work and occasionally forgetting to brush my hair also account to this.
3. To avoid wonky liner. Yes, I was the girl that would try and apply liquid eyeliner on public transport. It never ends well, even if you only attempt application when you get to a traffic light. Getting those wings even is difficult at the best of times, so if you’re in a moving vehicle, you can just forget it.
4. To save time. No matter what I try, I’m perpetually late. To everything. The second I take my eyes off the clock, it goes into fast forward mode (it has to, that’s the only explanation). I do wear make-up for events and shooting blog posts, or nice get-togethers, but if I’m just meeting my gals for brunch, I’ll ditch the make-up so I’m only 20 minutes late instead of 40.
5. To save dollar. Make-up is expensive as hell. But if you don’t wear it everyday, you don’t use as much, so you don’t spend as much. This is a bit of a pain with things like mascara that don’t have a long shelf life, so I tend to buy minis where I can as I also like to have two on the go at once (due to the aforementioned eyelash sitch) which makes things less pricey and wasteful.
All in all, I couldn’t be bothered. I love doing my make-up for special occasions or just times when I feel like making an effort, but I no longer think about wearing make-up for my daily life. I don’t feel self conscious if I meet new people and I’m not wearing any and I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin. Of course, make-up makes me feel hotter, but I’m pretty cool with everyday me too.
Are you a make-up everyday kinda gal? Skip it on the regularly? Or just wear it whenever the heck you feel like it?
Love Lucinda xx


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  1. Lizi says:

    I really wish I could go without makeup confidently! I’ve got my daily make up down to the bare minimum (four products!) and I love that it means when I get dressed up people really notice the difference. You’re definitely going to be thanking yourself in 40 years when you have the most incredible skin from not wearing makeup ❤

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